Oasis Playa Coco, Cayo Coco, Cuba — Dec 13-20, 2009 — Experiences & Stories

A week that took 61 days to officially happen just flew by like it was 10 hours. This was my 9th visit to Cuba. Cuba is a country which I have lots of respect and love for. Cuba is a unique place which I fell in love with, when I visited the first time when I was very young at Playa Giron in Matanza’s. Later I went to different cities and towns of Cuba. The flight doesn’t take long. Cuba is a very safe country, Cubans know their boundaries, they know not to bother you because the local’s law is very strict. I was at an entertainers home, and they had invited my family and I to their home for supper and a great day to learn about Cuban culture. They would feel very offended if we did not say yes to the supper. So we had supper and then we went around the village in Cienfuegos and we saw people that didn’t have much, and they have enough to survive everyday, and they are the happiest people in the world. Cuban culture is so different. Cuba is a spanish country, and people think that its the same like every other Spanish country, but they are totally wrong. It is different, people are different.
Well, anyway, this trip was all about relaxation and looking at the turquoise seas. On December 13, 2009, we departed to Cayo Coco, Cuba. We arrived at Oasis Playa Coco Resort. A resort which I fell in love with. I made many new friends from Canada and as well as England/UK areas. We all became very good friends by the week’s end. I participated a lot on stage and to my luck, I was first place many times and won 2 complimentary massages from the Resort. So I was very popular during my stay and everyone would come up to me the following day saying congratulations, and it made me feel awesome.
As the week went by so quickly, I took in the sun and the great weather as much as I could because I knew what I was in for coming back to Canada. I didn’t get much of a tan as I wanted to, because it was only a week and you can’t really do to much in a week. Next time I am thinking of going to Cuba for 2 weeks. That would make a trip worth it’s while. A week, you barely get adjusted to paradise and then back to the airport it is and back to the NORTH POLE we call CANADA.
The friendly staff, friends we made, the environment, and entertainment was spectacular. Went to the Batcave Club in Cayo Coco. It was an interesting place to be. Very unique. I really enjoyed it. I met the famous Tony Menendez. I was so excited to be in his presence. He is a very famous reggaeton/cuban singer in all of Cuba. I knew about him before arriving in Cuba. I did extensive research about the music, singers and the resort. I had 61 days to do so, so lots of time. πŸ™‚
The food is expected to be the way it is. It is Cuba, so we cannot complain, but the fruit, the eggs, the ice cream was so fresh. We must be thankful for the food we eat, because in the world we live in, people starve everyday, so we must not complain and satisfy with what we have. In Cuba you cannot really expect much, but I was very happy. I did not come for the food, I came for the beach, sun, and relaxation and a bit of drinking of course lol.
the end of the trip, I was hoping for maybe my flight to being cancelled or delayed so I can stay in Cuba a lot longer and so I can escape the colder weather which I was about to experience again. So I wish, hoped and prayed for it, but it didn’t happen. I guess another time
Cuba is ultimately my favourite Caribbean destination and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Hopefully I will visit Cuba for the 10th time.
I will miss Alex, Alain, Pedro, Nelvis, Orlando, The guy at the beach. Waynne, Honor, Conrad, Leanne, Julie, Jackie, Rosemary, Rebecca, Kelly Anne, Elisa, Veronica, Ian, Trudi, Jeff, Jasmine, Nicky, Keith, you made my trip extra awesome and It was a pleasure meeting all of you. If I missed anybody forgive me. I hope we all see each other again soon.
Well I hope you enjoyed my story and I wish my American friends can go to Cuba, but unfortunately due to the strict laws of Cuba, they are prohibited. Thats a wrap!

42 thoughts on “Oasis Playa Coco, Cayo Coco, Cuba — Dec 13-20, 2009 — Experiences & Stories

  1. Yes it is, Cuban’s Beach it’s a Paradaise, sorry all cuban’s can’t said that, they don’t have the must elemental thing to live, and they can’t express like you and me.

  2. I have to tell I’m a little concerned about your statement:
    “Cuba is a very safe country, Cubans know their boundaries, they know not to bother you because the local’s law is very strict.”
    Cubans don’t enjoy the same rights as Canadians, most Cuban’s can’t enjoy the simple pleasures you’ve enjoyed. For another view, here’s a link to a blog I follow written by woman in Cuba. It’s very difficult for her to skirt the censors and get the word out, but it’s important to read it.

    I’m enjoying reading your blog, keep the posts coming.


  4. Thank you for sharing this … while I have some concerns about Cuba (I live in Florida ) and am well educated on the “real” Cuba, I am happy you were able to visit (again) and have such a lovely time. I too would like to go sometime and it’s very near to me just a few hundred miles south..

  5. it’s absolutely wonderful to read of someone who goes to Cuba and enjoys the island and the people for who they are and writes so positively. I thoroughly enjoyed reading of the great fun you had and hearing, for once, an open, unprejudiced view of Cuba, the people, their warmth and hospitality. It’s not always about having things, is it, far more about passion for life and for community rather than the individual. Thank you, a pleasure to read about your trip.

  6. I guess I didn’t realize that Cuba really took any visitors. I don’t know if I would ever visit there when there are many other places that have a far more positive image. It was interesting to read about your experience, though.

  7. I also have had great experiences in Cuba. I went with some friends who were studying Afro/Cuban Drumming, so we stayed in Habana. This was in 2000, so it’s been a while. I was able to participate in a Santeria ceremony, and observe the practice sessions of the Ballet FoIlkorico. It was a truly amazing experience. I enjoyed your post about your visit. It brings nostalgia to me. Thank you!

  8. You seem like a very grounded person with a deep respect for cultures other than your own.I respect that quality in any man/woman.I very much enjoyed this blog and the others I’ve read.Thank-you for this little glimpse into your life and I hope that your next visit is 2 months long and all your flights be cancelled!Sincerely,PeculiarPotato……P.S. may the sun always shine on you and keep you warm;And may your experiences be extraordinary….P.P…….

  9. I would dearly love to go to Cuba, its one of my ambitions. Your account painted a beautiful and vivid picture. Even though it can’t be easy to live from day to day with such little income I find that people who do are incredibly inspirational. We live in such a greedy, consumerist culture I often long to run away to a place where such things matter very little. Do you think such a place exists?

  10. I’ve really enjoyed this blog: it reminds me of my own travelling experiences and how important it is not to have prejudices about a culture you have never experienced. The best way to get to know and appreciate different people and their cultures is by going to that place and mingling with them. I think you have it spot on. I’ve never been to Cuba, but we are now discovering France and Germany and how wonderful these people and their cultures really are.
    Keep travelling and writing about your journeys. And may I suggest you post some pictures of these wonderful places you visit, please? I’d love to see them!

  11. Did you ever travel to a place only to fall in love with it? Wish to live amongst the lovely people, covet their “outlook on life”?

  12. Talin, like your post…and thank your for liking mine. Pleased to hear that you had such a wonderful time in Cuba. The highlights that will stick with me is how you make a conscious effort to be thankful for what you have and admire the Cubans that live life filled with joy, who have only a fraction of what we deem as sufficient. When life is good…it’s just good πŸ™‚

    I’ll be looking for your next post πŸ™‚

  13. sounds like a lovely trip. I share concerns about Cuba and the lives people live there, but know that if Americans were ever allowed to go there, it would explode as a resort destination in no time. But a lot would have to change for that.

  14. Sounds like you had a blast in Cuba, and thats all thats really important. All countries have issues within their systems, Cuba’s maybe a little more extensive than others,but we aren’t going to be able to change them. As long as they are treating tourist with respect you should continue to enjoy their country.

  15. Wow! Sounds like a great trip! I suspect that all places have their positives and negatives but you’ve done a great job of sharing the great experience you had – and will likely have again!

  16. “we saw people that didn’t have much, and they have enough to survive everyday, and they are the happiest people in the world.”

    I saw the same thing in India, and among Tibetan refugees. Perhaps we could learn something.

  17. Your account of Cuba reminds me of some of our own travels…we have so much to learn from so many in this world. I wish my wife and I could travel to Cuba but alas, not yet for us Americans…

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed your article about Cuba. I got lost in your words and for the tiniest moment, I was on the playa, looking at the people, the blue ocean, feeling the heat upon my skin. You have a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it. DL McHale (www.dlmchale.com) “Echoes Across Time”

  19. I was born in Cuba and lived there till I was 18. Glad you think that Cuba is beautiful and that you had chance to enjoy it. I hope more tourists from all over the world go there, perhaps the cubans will have a chance to realize that there’s a better world out there that’s forbidden to them by their government.
    You say in your post that “the locals know their boundaries and don’t bother the tourists”. Yes, they certainly know the consequences of stepping outside their boundaries, it’s a very, very oppresive regime there.

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  21. I would absolutely love to visit Cuba! Just recently i visited a restaurant called The Cuban Revolution, which has an atmosphere with hints of 1950’s Cuba. They play live music. I got to enjoy some son, which has a lively and contagious beat. I also tried my first Mojito! Of course I just ahd to post about it πŸ™‚

  22. Hi Talin

    First thing, Thanks alot for liking my post. πŸ™‚

    Second, loved your post and introducing me to Cuba. I know it’s very hard for me to visit the country but from your blog you can say I have visited it. Except if you posted some good pictures of your trip that will help me visualize this beautiful place.

    Take care

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