Backstabbers and Betrayel – Important Life Lessons to Learn

Betrayal and backstabbing are one of the worst feelings ever. At times like this, you know who your true friends are and you know who genuinely cares for you. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t let other people’s jealousy and intimidation get to you. Life is too short to worry about those who start trouble out of nowhere. Be who you are, do what you love to enjoy, and don’t mind people who just want to be raining on your parade and happy moments.

People can be friendly, be happy for you and say good things to you in your face, but then deep down inside, they are plotting to take you down, and talk behind your back to others and create a group like a clique and put you under the bus. When people are jealous and intimidated, they will do anything and everything to betray you and backstab at any cost even if it means friendships lost.

Those people who start trouble also are people who come across as so thoughtful and helpful. Everyone will believe they are good people, they will buy gifts and give out kind gestures for people to butter them up and one day if the person has a fallout with another person, they will use all that against them saying oh, I helped you out, I was there for you and then the cycle of trouble start once again. Some people always have strings attached to whatever they do. It is very rare to find genuine people these days with no strings attached. Trust is very rare these days. Find friends who will genuinely do something and no expect anything. People who appreciate you and stick by you through thick and thin will never act this way.

Because when people are unhappy, negative, miserable, and are having trouble with whatever circumstances they face in life, they want to bring everyone else down with them. It’s important to give them the love and support they need too but don’t allow anyone to bring you down in the process and put you on the spot. These people will also twist and put words in your mouth and assume things about you that are not true.

Everybody in this life makes mistakes and nobody is perfect. To some people you cannot make mistakes, you cannot have weaknesses and flaws in their eyes. They will use it against you, make a federal case about it and go on and on and for utter stupidity, and for no reason at all, then behind your back, they have a group that will talk behind your back and plots something terrible like bullying. You never do that to your friends. It is ridiculous and absolutely mean.

Making assumptions about a person’s life and making up stories is something that is a red flag. Sometimes things need to happen in life that protects us from people like that. certain situations need to surface so that you can see someone for their true colors. Betrayal is the worst and you will know when that happens.

Some people destroy life-long friendships and companionship, people will ruin a good thing by ganging up on you all because of jealousy.

Karma is something I believe in and what goes around comes around. Lessons will be given out to those people who are backstabbers and those who betray. Not today, not tomorrow, but someday when they least expect it. Don’t worry about a thing. Let God and let nature take its course. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and wait for the show to happen while you go on with your life.

Live your life on your own terms. You owe nobody an explanation of what you do, where you travel to, how you want to conduct your life. Everyone’s lifestyle, situation, and expectations are different. Do not discriminate against that.

Be grateful for the true friends that stick by you without strings attached, that accept you for you, and who don’t use anything against you. Those people who stick by you will always support, love, and appreciate you.

Those who betray and backstab and talk behind your back are behind you for a reason. Don’t give them the satisfaction of belittling you and giving you these terrible vibes. Move on with your life. Time is too precious to waste on nonsense. It is their problem. Not yours. Live life to the fullest, enjoy it, and don’t worry, be happy.

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