Star Wars – The Mandalorian & The Child – The Dream I Had

Baby Yoda came into my dreams a few times and one of them was this story that happened.
From Talin Orfali Ghazarian

Please do not mind the spelling errors of some words. We fans made up this kind of language of baby toddler talk. I find it to be quite adorable and fun.

In My dream, I was in a Star Wars Mandalorian episode and I came into town and then we ventured off to a mission and then we ended up in a field full of stormtroopers, and Mando and I were protecting Baby Yoda, The Child, and there were hundreds of Storm Troopers, so We used light sabers, and other ammunition and also Baby Yoda did the force choke on them and we killed them all in under 5 minutes. No Storm Trooper dare to touch our baby. We protec the child and the child protec us. Then there was a sea of stormtroopers bodies, so we took some of their weapons and put them into our pod.

After our mission was accomplished, we saw a McDonald’s on the way back to our base, and Baby Yoda saw the big Yellow M. He wanted to stop. So we stopped and we ordered McDonald’s and he ordered Chicky Nuggies, Fwies, Choccy Milk, got his Fwoggy toy. Then mando got him a choccy fudgy sundae. after he ate, he wanted to go play in the playground in the restaurant, so we let him go play on the slidie slide and carefully watching him of course. We were eating our McDonalds Biggie Maccie combos

Baby made new friends in the playground and they were enjoying his cuteness. After about half an hour, Mando and I told Baby we gotta go home. You can play with your new fwoggy toy at home. We went home. Then Mando surprised Baby Yoda with choccy chippy cookies, his very own gear ball, and a nicely built roomy room for him and his toys, clothesie clothes and fun lightsabers and more, and went to sleepy sleep while Mando and I looked on and saw how cute and adorable he is.

Then I woke up. Imagine if this happened in an episode? They should incorporate things like this to the character of Baby Yoda, The Child.

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