Defending Ellen DeGeneres – I’m On Her Side

Defending Ellen DeGeneres – I’m On Her Side

In recent news, you may have heard rumors going around that Ellen DeGeneres has put her staff in a toxic work environment where they feel mistreated, intimidated and feeling like she puts people under pressure, but I am going to defend Ellen DeGeneres because I do not believe for a second that she has done these things to bully and torture her staff. I think these are just bogus and done out of jealousy. Jealousy is a powerful thing and it can ruin everything.

Every work environment is not perfect. Employees, clients and customers may have disagreements, do things differently, obstacles may come in the way, and some days can be good and / or bad. Its the magic of work. Nowadays everybody gets so offended and are so sensitive on everything always takes everything the wrong way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, life is unfair and the good people in this world are the ones who always get treated unfairly, they are the ones where people make up things about them that aren’t true, good people always get trampled on. Jealous and Itimidated people always find a way to ruin a good persons reputation and its really sad to see.

Ellen has changed so many people’s lives for the better, she has donated to causes, she has given people a second chance at life, helped families, has flown people to be part of her show, has helped families go on vacation, built homes for people, given her audience things, 12 days of giveaways, she made the show what it is, she’s done so much for schools, and so much more. She has helped kids gain stardom and her slogan at the end Be Kind to One Another. I do not believe for a second that she is unfair to the people that work for her.

I am sure her show has been so successful and with the people who work for her and herself. Look at all the Emmy and people’s choice awards the show and her crew have received. They should appreciate her and the hard work she has put in to employ all these people. They should be glad to be in this business of entertainment. There are people who want to get into something like this and they cannot, but it looks to me that these workers of hers do not appreciate anything and so they want to hurt her name and her career because they are jealous of her.

It isn’t easy working in the entertainment industry with long hours, and a lot of work, writing, filming, lighting, dรฉcor, and a lot of other things goes into it because its not just the crew, the stars and everything, its to think about what to do for fans who are watching these talk-shows, films, TV shows, soap operas, game shows and everything. Its not easy, and I am sure these workers who signed up for these knew that and that is what they signed up for.

With the Corona virus going, it is hard to decipher when things will get back to normal and when her coworkers can return to working and so her workers are also saying that they are unfairly treated because she isn’t telling them a lot about how the show will go on after the pandemic, but now we all don’t know how things will go. We don’t know what happens tomorrow, we don’t know what happens in a month from now. I think this just all bogus just to tarnish Ellen DeGeneres’s name.

I am defending Ellen DeGeneres because she is a good, kind-hearted person, and she has been someone I respect for so many years having tuned into her shows. I had been trying to get on her show to educate people on bullying, and how to deal with social issues, and to just meet her and to bring positivity to her show as she has, but due to the amount of emails, messages and everything she gets, its hard for her to get my messages which is totally understandable and as she is a busy person with a lot going on.

When you are a good person, people take advantage of that and then start to ruin a good name, they start to get jealous and that is what is happening now. So now, people start to get people to join in to take her down and it is so wrong. I think it is important to not believe everything you hear about a person.

I am sure she feels absolutely betrayed by the people she employs and that she could count on everyday. It is absolutely disgusting. Now, she has been forced to apologize for things that she did not do and I know for a fact that she did not. Whenever I have that gut feeling about someone, I am always right, whenever I feel how a person is good, kind-hearted and thoughtful, I am always right.

Think twice, three times before you believe in headlines about a person.
look at my article about destroying a persons reputation.

and backstabbers and betrayal

read these both.

I am staying loyal to the awesome Ellen DeGeneres and nothing will change my mind about her because I choose not to believe it. Be careful and be mindful as well. Thank you.

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