Our Love for Baby Yoda – The Child – Star Wars – The Mandalorian

Our Love for Baby Yoda – The Child – Star Wars – The Mandalorian
Talin Orfali Ghazarian

In life, we all have different interests, and a lot of us in the world share the same love and passion for something or someone we love. In the past year or so or more, we have learned about the cutie pie and adorable character named The Child Also known as Baby Yoda from Star Wars the Mandalorian on Disney+. We thank Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni for creating him. The voice and sounds of the child were created by sound editors named Matthew Wood and David Acord. It cost 5 million dollars to create him.

Our Baby Yoda has definitely stolen our hearts and endless fun with our child. In the last little while, people have been preordering 11-inch basic plush, talking baby Yoda, puzzles, build a bear plush, funko pop, Topps trading cards, mugs, t-shirts, stickers, decals, party favors, plates, coloring books, a lifesize The Child and amongst other merchandise of our beloved character whom we treat as a real-life baby.

Some people have been going to great lengths to buy car seats, baby clothing, pretending to give him baby and toddler food, interacting with others on Facebook groups, sharing our love, photos and the joy we are getting by our child and treating him like he has now become part of our families, and we have even come up with our own baby, toddler language. Some examples:

Chicky Nuggies – Chicken Nuggets
Choccy Milk or Moo Moo Juice – Chocolate Milk
Fwogs – Frogs
Fwies – Fries
Cuppy Cup – Cup
Blankie – Blanket
Mando Dadda – Mandalorian Daddy
This is the way.

It is evident that some people who have been depressed, going through stressful times, and who have been going through personal issues in life, also now with the pandemic of COVID19, the happiness, joy, love, laughter, good times people are having. Seeing the smiles of people who receive their babies and become daddalorians and mommalorians of The Child is something that is so incredibly awesome to see. I love to see people smiling and being happy with someone like Baby Yoda. That is very important to me.

Yes, I call him someone as he is for us all who enjoy and love him. This is a great obsession we have and it has been amazing.

I have seen pictures and videos of people bringing him home like he is a newborn. Some people have gotten lucky by getting the 11-inch plush and already enjoying him. Some stores such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, and other stores in the US already have him in stock, while some people ordered him online and still waiting for their precious baby to come home to them. While some are impatient for him but with the pandemic going on, shipments have been delayed, but hopefully everyone who wants one will get one to enjoy him. Some parts of the world do not have a lot of merchandise yet like Canada and other areas, but it will all happen in due time.

My passion for this cute, adorable, and precious character began months ago as I was seeing Memes, articles and social media posts, so my curiosity I decided to search for him and I automatically fell in love with him and became so obsessed. I started to join groups on Facebook and started to really get into it in the last 2-3 months. I began ordering merchandise online and I received quite a bit of it. The happiness and joy it brought me have been out of this world.

I have made many new friends off the groups, and knowing that I can share this awesome interest with others is so awesome. It definitely makes me happy. I am also being courteous, helpful, and assisting others with helping them to find merchandise online, and sharing cute photos, gifs and videos of him. Baby Yoda has definitely won our hearts and he is the cutest in the galaxy and in the world.

For the first time ever out of all the characters created that I have known since I was a kid until now, I have never ever loved and been obsessed with a character more than Baby Yoda, the Child. he is the absolute top for me and he will forever be. In this world and everyone has different interests, different hobbies and it is so awesome to be part of it. There is just so much more to learn about him which we will get to know him more as the seasons of The Mandalorian come out.

As soon as we lay our eyes on our beautiful child, we squeal, scream with happiness, and bring out our inner child no matter how old we are, Baby Yoda, The Child has brought back the child in us and made us forever young.

Here is one of the many many adorable photos of our baby. Enjoy his cuteness and take it all in.

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