Search Engine SearchAholics – What a Society We Live in

Not Everything Should Be Searched On The Internet
Wow, I can’t believe the time we are living in these days.
I was asking somebody for an address as I like to ask people rather than googling it and they looked at me like I was crazy or something is wrong with me on why I asked for an address verbally. Sorry, but that is the right thing to do is to ask a person directly then finding out on my own. That is the proper way.
Nowadays, its like Oh, I will just google it, I will resort to the internet for all my unanswered questions and inquiries. Not everything should be googled. There should be a limit. What happened to the days where you could not search for an address or phone number through technology such as a computer, and GPS?
Back then, you had to look it up in a big phone book, or look at a paper map to find out. Now, people look at you funny when you ask them. Wow, What a time we live in when simple questions cannot be answered by humans so we always have resort to google or other search engines. That is pretty sad.

6 thoughts on “Search Engine SearchAholics – What a Society We Live in

  1. I agree with you. Now the distance between human being is increasing and decreasing between hearts. Its matter of great concern.God didnt create this world for machines but for humans and their feelings to share, to love to serve
    Old aged people were already neglected not this electronic devises have created the distance even more.

  2. They don’t print the big phone books anymore, but I still have the last one before they were obsolete, and still look up numbers using the old phone book.

    Completely agree with your point!

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