The Burnt Toast Story – Words Are Powerful

A very uplifting and strong message
Something that I found online that is powerful and makes you think and put things into perspective.
One night my mom made dinner after a long and stressful day at work. She placed a jar of jam and extremely burnt toast in front of my dad. I was waiting to see if Dad noticed the burnt toast. He just ate it and asked me how my day was. I don’t remember my answer, but as this moment my mom apologized for the burnt toast. I will never forget my dad’s answer: Honey, I love burnt toast! Later when I went to bed, I asked my dad if he really does love burnt toast. He wrapped me in his arms and whispered: “Your mom had a long and tough day and she was really tired. Burnt toast doesn’t hurt anyone, but words do. Accepting your mistakes and appreciating the differences, that’s the key for a healthy, and long lasting relationship.
Now from my persepective,
Words are a powerful thing. Use your words wisely, and think about what you say before you say it. Words have an everlasting effect that once you say it, it is out there forever. Do not sweat the small stuff and appreciate what another person has done for you. Say Thank you, give a compliment, and not anything else. Words can hurt terribly. It is far worse than getting injured physically. Mentally, that will stick with you for the rest of your life.
I have been bullied so much when I was a kid growing up and I still remember the terrible words people used to call me. I was called four eyes because I wore glasses, and I was made fun of because I was and looked different than everybody else. I didn’t have friends when I was growing up. It still haunts me to this day sometimes. Once you have been through a situation where it involved insults and hurtful words, you can never be the same again. So use your words carefully.
Life has turned out to be great now and I have friends and those whom I call my sisters and brothers. I am grateful

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