I love Shopping at Dollarama – Great Store, Great Products

A few years ago, I was driving and as I was overlooking the streets of Toronto, Canada, I discovered Dollarama, so my curiousness came to the better of me, and plus after hearing a lot about it, I decided to go into the parking lot to park my car, to stop in to see what the hype is all about. I went inside the store and I began going through the aisles to see all the items on the shelves. So I ended up spending some money on really great products. I cannot remember exactly what I had bought, but it was pretty useful afterwards.

Dollarama is an incredible store. I can spend a couple of hours in there, Maybe more. I buy some things to organize things, I buy toiletries, gum, chocolate, and other merchandise. Everything goes from $1 to $3 – Things that are not marked are a $1.

You can purchase Betty Crocker products, house-hold cleaning products, sponges, hangers for your closet, garment bags, storage boxes, Kitchen stuff, dishware, table clothes, towels, seasonal products, food, snacks, drinks, outdoor stuff, candles, beauty and care products, hair products, toys, travel size bottles, great brands, gift bags, greeting cards, hardware, pet stuff, wires, cell phone and tablet cases, cosmetic bags, socks, hats, slippers, crafts, arts, pens, pencils, kids toys, office products, invitation cards, disposable cups, plates, napkins, notebooks and so much more.

I have so much more fun browsing and looking around dollar shops more than those department stores and places that sell those products for a lot more. There are products at Dollarama from 1-3 dollars, that sells it from 10 to 15 dollars in other places and more. I am quite addicted to Dollarama. Sometimes I buy things when I do not even need it at that moment, but then it does come useful in the long run, which I am glad about.

Do you shop at a dollar store? Do you prefer dollar shops over any other retail stores? What do you find to be convenient at dollar shops? Would love to hear your opinion and what you have to say about it.

Canada’s 10 Provinces has several Dollarama Stores.
Visit http://www.dollarama.com to gain more information.

9 thoughts on “I love Shopping at Dollarama – Great Store, Great Products

  1. we buy our spices and cleaning products as well as dog treats at the dollar store, there is also the dollar giant, and dollar tree and the buck or two stores, the dollar stores are awesome!

  2. Where are the products manufactured? From toothpaste to toy trains to tilapia, Chinese imports accounted for more than 60 percent of the recalls announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission this year.

    • I have not really looked at the labels when I do shop there. Have not heard any Product Safety recalls though of the products, however they are great products, which I have never had a problem with personally.

  3. Dollarama is one of my favourite places to shop, too. I especially like their stationary aisle b/c I love anything related to writing 😉

  4. I love dollarama. Its my favorite store next to Giant Tiger. Like you I am addicted. I spend typically an hour there unless I am in a rush. I buy what I need and get out. Even then I’m struggling not to look at other things on my way out. I promise myself every time I’m only gonna buy this and this. Thinking I will spend no more than 10 dollars. My average spending is usually around 30 to 40. Yes. I also buy things and I use it later. Although I get told off at the time I buy it. Later on, everyone appreciates that I had it when needed. Go figure.

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