Cruise Ship Travel – Yes Or No?

In Life there are so many ways you can travel and experience new places, take memories home with you for a life time and so many things. Various forms of travel teaches us a thing or two about life and exploring the world, however due to the recent events that happened on board the Carnival Triumph Cruise ship of Carnival Cruise lines that an engine caught fire leading to power outage on the cruise ship with toilets not functioning and more than 4200 passengers and crew aboard the Triumph were completely deserted until rescue came along. They arrived last night safely to the port and it took them hours to tow the ship to the port to get the passengers and crew off the ship safely. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of them and hope they found their way back to their loved ones and are okay. Now the ultimate question on Cruise Ship travel, would you go? Or wouldn’t you go?

To me, Cruise Ship travel is something so incredible and you get to sail to many countries and places all in one vacation. I know some of the incidences that happened with Costa Concordia, Carnival Triumph may deter and prevent people from going on a cruise, but to me, I would still go on a cruise. I love cruise ships a lot and I had studied them a lot and I would pin point which cruise ships would dock at the ports and among everything else. I am very happy I got to travel on 5 cruise ships of all sizes. I want to go on the Oasis of The Seas from Royal Caribbean Cruise line and I want to travel on the bigger cruise ships. I know that it might sound crazy with everything that has happened with the cruises in the past year and a bit, but It will not prevent me from sailing on another ship again. It depends on the cruise line and cruise company you go with too. Do your research, Is the cruise line reputable? It also depends on individuality too and what you want out of a cruise ship trip vacation. Now in your opinion, would you sail on a cruise ship? Have you been on a cruise ship before? What are your feelings and thoughts about them? What Cruise line would you sail with? What do you know about cruise ships instead of the obvious?

To me, I would go on a cruise ship no problem. All the best to everyone!

14 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Travel – Yes Or No?

  1. Even if I had 5k to burn for my husband and I to go on a cruise (which I don’t) I think that cruises are overpriced for what they are.

    I prefer to stay at home with my creature comforts, and save money towards visiting my family and going to the occasional fandom convention. There is more to life than spending silly amounts of cash and visiting various ports/countries for a few hours.

    • Well, Gemma, I agree. When you have to pay for something out of your own pocket, you are very careful about how you spend your money.

  2. There’s a commercial for some cruise line (maybe Carnival) where the couple is relaxing on deck remembering last year’s vacation and the woman says “Never again.” That’s probably what 4200 Carnival passengers are thinking right now (in addition to “I’m gonna’ sue somebody”). I’ve never been farther out on a boat than I could swim back from, and after this event I certainly never plan to be. Remember the ship that crashed and rolled over in the Mediterranean last year? The captain was one of the first off the ship, and when the coast guard told him to get back on the ship and help with the evacuation he argued with them.

    Forget “never again” I’m a “not even once.” But that’s just my two cents.

    • Clark, I think it’s because cruise ships now cater to “the masses.” used to be you saved all your life for the one dream vacation that might be a cruise, but it was luxurious and comfortable. No hordes of people cramming the buffet line to gorge themselves, people dressed up (because it was special).

  3. I would definitely go again. No vacation, or form of travel is without it’s flaws. Yes, being stuck on a boat with over flowing toilets for a week would be horrendous. But, people fly all the time, and a fire on a plane isn’t likely to end as well. People drive all the time, and driving is the most dangerous way to get from point A to point B. There was a fire, everyone survived, it was unfortunate and a huge inconvenience, yes, but, I don’t think it should deter people from cruises.

  4. Good morning. First in the last couple of years if you look at the cruise lines with the issues it all comes back that Carnival owns the ships, Costa and Carnival. Carnival owns Costa Cruise Lines. Case in point in 2010, we were on Norwegian Cruise Lines and I love them with all the respect and not just from the Travel Agent point of you, but for someone with a disability and remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best either. Getting back to 2010. We were on the Norwegian Epic in November, one of the inaugural voyages for that year. While we were on that ship, out in the Pacific, Carnival Splendor, and brand new ship at that time had the same issue that the triumph had, stuck out in the middle of the ocean for days. How embarrassing.

    In the past year meaning 2012, Norwegian has also rescued some little boats that had gotten to far out, or had capsized due to bad weather.

    Cruising to me is the best form of travel, you see more of the world without packing and unpacking for your trip. There are many cruise lines out there that are better than Carnival, but there are people who are diehard Carnival clients, and will again return to the sea on them.

    I don’t to go on a rant either. But I love to cruise, we are crusing again in April and in 2014.

  5. I love travelling, but I think I’d go a little stir crazy on a cruise ship. They are enormous but I’d still feel caged in…I prefer backpacking cross country, or a really, really nice hotel (2 ends of the spectrum but hey, I love them both!)

  6. I have wanted to go on a cruise for many years but many things keep me from going, world travel keeps me at home, The main reason is $$, my animals also need cared for and I am the only one here. It’s great that some can afford to go it helps the economy stay a float. As for me I Iove my home and one day maybe I’ll sail a boat, being the rigger raising the mast or gather the mast to feeds the hogs.
    mast used as a noun
    the fruit of the oak and beech or other forest trees, used as food for hogs and other animals.

  7. I booked my Royal Caribbean cruise months ago before any of these things happened. I’ll be sailing on the Independence of the seas in a few months and I feel confident that it will be a good (first time) experience. I’ve heard nice things from people that have been on cruise ships before and I must say I’m quite excited about my trip around the Canary Islands. I don’t want the thought of recent events to put me off. If I like it, I’ll be booking a cruise for next year too 🙂

  8. well unfortunatlly accidents do happen , if i have the chance to go on the cruise, i would, I went once & i enjoyed a lot , as Talin Orfali said , thank God nothing major happened , everyone is alive and they have their refund + money

  9. The Cruise industry’s record is not improving . I wonder what the stats are on that . I would never cruise anyway , I’m a land lover .

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