Cruise Ship Travel – Yes Or No?

In Life there are so many ways you can travel and experience new places, take memories home with you for a life time and so many things. Various forms of travel teaches us a thing or two about life and exploring the world, however due to the recent events that happened on board the Carnival Triumph Cruise ship of Carnival Cruise lines that an engine caught fire leading to power outage on the cruise ship with toilets not functioning and more than 4200 passengers and crew aboard the Triumph were completely deserted until rescue came along. They arrived last night safely to the port and it took them hours to tow the ship to the port to get the passengers and crew off the ship safely. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of them and hope they found their way back to their loved ones and are okay. Now the ultimate question on Cruise Ship travel, would you go? Or wouldn’t you go?

To me, Cruise Ship travel is something so incredible and you get to sail to many countries and places all in one vacation. I know some of the incidences that happened with Costa Concordia, Carnival Triumph may deter and prevent people from going on a cruise, but to me, I would still go on a cruise. I love cruise ships a lot and I had studied them a lot and I would pin point which cruise ships would dock at the ports and among everything else. I am very happy I got to travel on 5 cruise ships of all sizes. I want to go on the Oasis of The Seas from Royal Caribbean Cruise line and I want to travel on the bigger cruise ships. I know that it might sound crazy with everything that has happened with the cruises in the past year and a bit, but It will not prevent me from sailing on another ship again. It depends on the cruise line and cruise company you go with too. Do your research, Is the cruise line reputable? It also depends on individuality too and what you want out of a cruise ship trip vacation. Now in your opinion, would you sail on a cruise ship? Have you been on a cruise ship before? What are your feelings and thoughts about them? What Cruise line would you sail with? What do you know about cruise ships instead of the obvious?

To me, I would go on a cruise ship no problem. All the best to everyone!

Cruise Ship Travel – Travel Advice From Me – The Do’s & Don’ts

Are you thinking about traveling on a cruise ship? Is your next travel a cruise vacation? Are you thinking of visiting many countries all at one vacation? Do not know what to expect before going on a cruise? On the cruise ship? and after? Are you stuck on what to do? Well, look no further, I am here to help you get on your way to your travels and give you a start on how fun and awesome cruise ship travel can be. It is an experience like no other. Well, here is what to do.

Before Embarkation to your Cruise Ship:

1 — Go over your documents, tickets, passports to make sure you have everything required for your cruise and make sure your passport is valid for up to 6 months before it expires. Reason being is that some countries require passports when you enter into their ports and a lot of countries require that your passport be up to 6 months valid from your expiry date. Say you have your passport in January 1st, 2013 and you still have time. and if it is to expire June 1st, 2013, make sure to renew your passport and to give yourself enough time to make those changes before traveling. Documents, tickets, passports are one of the most important things of traveling. Double triple check and keep organized into your stuff in your handbag.

2 — When booking a cruise ship vacation and if you are from Canada or Europe or where ever else and are thinking about Doing Panama Canal, Pacific Mexican Riviera, Caribbean, Europe, or anywhere else, it is always recommended that you purchase Air and Cruise together. Reason being is that if heaven forbid your airline gets delayed a few hours and its almost time for the ship to disembark, the ship will automatically know that there is an airline delay for a lot of the passengers and so they give people a grace period and wait for them to arrive. The airline packages that have Air and Cruise together will always be in communication with your ship. Most of the time the Airport is close to the cruise port within 5-25-30 minutes drive. Depending on where you travel.

3 — Never get separate Air and Cruise, because the ship’s personnel will have a hard time to pin point where passengers are and they do not know when they will be arriving. It is always a good idea to get packages. Although a lot of the Cruise packages do not include air, but when you ask for air, they should be able to include that in, but you will need to pay extra for airfare. Some cruises offer free airfare because the cruise alone is expensive. There are cruise travels to fit each persons budget.

4 — Give yourself enough time to head to the cruise port. a few hours before you embark on your ship, make sure you know exactly what ship you will board, identify your cruise ship before you travel, look at photos of your ship, and make sure you know which port at the cruise terminal you are going to. the taxi or shuttle bus will take you there. Just do your research and have phone numbers on standby of the cruise ship terminal, so that you can call and you are there. Super important. (I know a few people who have taken cruises before and they weren’t able to identify their cruise ship and they went through hassle, then it was on their itinerary and so they took them to the right port terminal)

5 — When you embark on your cruise and when you get on the ship from your embarkation port, a lot of the times, they do not allow people to leave the ship after you get on because there isn’t enough time and they want all passengers to be on the ship to avoid confusion and to make sure people get on the ship safely.

6 — Make sure you pack all sorts of clothing with you for formal nights, semi formal nights, casual dining and bring clothing that is up to par for cruise ship vacations. It is not a regular all inclusive resort, this one is a floating resort and thousands of people are on the ship, so its a good idea to pack clothing for all types of occasions.

7 — When you are booking your dinner reservations for early sitting or late sitting dinners. — It is important to choose late sitting dinners because when you are at different ports of call, and won’t be able to come back to your ship in time, it is a good choice to choose late sitting so that you can eat and then enjoy without the rushing. A lot of parts on the ship have restaurants that are open 24 hours, but the main dining room has its times. It depends on the cruise you are taking.

What to Do on The Ship:

1 — Give yourself a tour of the ship, identify where you are going to go, and ask the cruise personnel if you are stuck on getting somewhere.

2 — Everyday the cruise room makers put a newsletter of what is happening on the cruise ship. take a few moments and read what there is to do, events, what the dress code for the evening is, what to expect on your next port of call, and to give you a heads up on what goes on. They also refill shampoos, body washes, towels and among making your room twice a day. one in the morning and when you go to bed, they come and open your bed up and sometimes they give you treats on your pillow. It depends.

3 — I personally do not like the shore excursions. they are expensive and plus you will not enjoy them as much as going on your own to tour the ports of call that you are visiting. Take extra money with you pay a taxi to take you around, and go on your own. The first time I went on a shore excursion and I was sorry I ever did it. You had a time limit and it was not good. A lot of ships require you to be back at the ship between half an hour for up to 1 and a half hours before disembarkation to the next port.

4 — participate in events, make your cruise enjoyable yet relaxing. go to shows, and entertain yourself. there is so much to do on a cruise ship that you will never be bored. I hear people often say cruise ships are boring, not too much to do, but on the contrary. Cruise ships nowadays are being built larger and larger, and they offer so many things. if your a person who just wants to relax on the cruise and not do anything, that is cool too, but don’t miss out on the cruise ship and touring the ship. its awesome.

After Your Cruise:

1 — Nowadays gratuities and tips are added into your cruise deal, but take extra money and give them the tips, it also depends on the service you get too. if you liked the service sure, but before checking out they would want that, but it depends on how you were treated of course.

2 — check out from the main desk on the cruise, getting the luggage and be on your way to the airport or however you traveled.

3 — Then after doing all that, talk about your experiences, go on a travel advisor websites or cruise feedback and give your feedback so it can help other cruise ship travelers make their choice, but again everyone has their own opinions and feelings so you won’t know until you have done so yourself.

Bon Voyage and have a great cruise. if you need to ask any questions, let me know….. All the best!