My Love For Butterflies – I Get Them In My Stomach A Lot

Lately, I have had this passion for butterflies and I just love them a lot. They are so pretty and I love seeing them fly in the summertime, which is one of the reasons why I love summer. It’s a season full of life and beautiful creatures flying and moving around, and among everything else. I want to redecorate my room with them and have abstract art that includes butterflies. Today I bought a top with butterflies on it and its so beautiful. I had to buy it. I am so happy with it and it was on a sale. I am excited to wear it soon. Anyway, I am super happy. Another reason why I love butterflies is because I get them in my stomach. Lately I have my eye on this guy I know and he seems to be a nice person and I get butterflies in my stomach and smile uncontrollably. I haven’t known him for very long, but he is a very sweet person who I have this thing for.

Another reason why I have butterflies in my stomach is when I am with good people and when I am with my right people, and good friends butterflies always fly around in my tummy. Its something so special to me and being with the right people does that. I can remember a time when it all started. after all my troubles of bullies, I became a new person and I looked forward to being social and having a social life. Life is so fabulous right now. I have people whom care about me and I care about them too of course. I have these butterflies and they are the pretty ones that give meaning to my life when I am with people whom I appreciate, love, respect and honor always. I wouldn’t be where I am without them today. Today as I was shopping, that top came in front my eyes and it was one of the most prettiest tops ever and I had to buy it. I never had a butterfly top before and this is my first purchase of butterfly stuff. I used to have butterfly hair clips when I was in grade 7-9 and then I sort of grew out of those, but now I am back into it, but a more grown up way. I am so excited to revamp my room and make it with butterflies and get pictures, and ornaments with it.

I had a butterfly come onto my hand this summer when I was out in my front lawn and it was so pretty with orange, black and the big wings. I love them. Here’s to butterflies. When I have my wedding someday, I want to do my wedding favours with Butterflies and make the theme pretty butterflies everywhere. YAY!!!! I love thinking ahead and planning for future.

5 thoughts on “My Love For Butterflies – I Get Them In My Stomach A Lot

  1. Every year the hospital where I work has this ceremony where they release all these butterflies into the main garden. It’s a beautiful sight to see hundreds of butterflie flying around.
    I love your post. Thank you.

  2. Another well written heartfelt blog from Talin. You are perfect the way you are and if for some reason, however miniscule, you feel you want a change, remember that the butterfly was once a caterpillar and that nothing is impossible. Thank You for all of your blogs, Reuven

  3. I too am a fan of butterflies as well as other winged things. Besides their beauty, their ability of flight is enviable.
    It’s great that something as simple as butterflies can be fascinating even past childhood. It’s so easy to lose that child-like wonder.

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