Appreciating Life & Thankful For Everything

Can you believe were already toward Mid September? That is crazy. It feels like we just started the month yesterday. It is crazy how time flying by so quickly. All of our lives are constantly busy, with work, school, occasions, travels, and so much more. I really appreciate my life. It has been an incredible journey this year so far. in another 3 and a half months until we hit 2013. I cannot believe it. We had just started 2012, and that will become part of history. I really appreciate and value what I have learned this past year, meeting facebook friends for the first time, interacting with people all around the world, and enjoying my blogging journey, among everything else. It’s been a year of ups and downs but every year it is like that isn’t it? No year can be perfect unfortunately. I have become serious about my weight loss and getting healthy, I have become more positive and happy with spending time with myself and discovering things I like, such as butterflies. I had stated that in my previous blog about having this passion for butterflies. I am so happy about discovering these things of myself. I appreciate that I have the poise and the will to travel everywhere and I am thankful to my family for that and among everything else. I am also excited to go away soon. the days are getting closer and closer which I am so happy about.

At this point I have stopped counting the days and I just let the days come to my travels. I have been so busy to even notice. I cannot even believe were already September 13th. Crazy huh? Well, I always say, appreciate your life and make the most of it. Your here today, gone tomorrow, so live life to the fullest, be happy, and everything else will come into place.


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