The Supermoon Last Night was Incredible

Last night I went down by the Lake Ontario to just unwind and relax by the shore and saw the supermoon. It was so awesome. I love looking at the moon. No matter the shape or size. Its all so beautiful to me. I remember from when I was a kid, I used to just lay my eyes on it. So beautiful. The supermoon really was an incredible thing to see and the moon shining on the lake was extra beautiful with the stars all around. I must say our planet and the sun and the moon are beautiful things to see and our planet in its entirety is beautiful.

We were with friends last night just enjoying the night out. It was almost 2am in the morning that we left. We didnt want to leave. We needed this relaxation of the busy week we all have had. I need another vacation and soon to just relax and unwind again.


9 thoughts on “The Supermoon Last Night was Incredible

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, just being in front of the water is more than enough for me a full moon and a fire would make it awesome.

  2. I had confused at which night it had been the super moon, anyway as we had a clear night in these days, so I enjoyed the moon every night. All nights were beautiful.

  3. Lucky you! It was very clouded over here and I missed it. Also, I missed a meteorite shower that was supposed to look very good last night, so there’s 2 out of 2 astronomical events I missed on one night, bummer. 😦

  4. We got pictures of it with my Android and they were spectacular! What a sight to see. It’s going to be so many years before we can see this again. I’m just glad I didn’t miss seeing the vision.

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