Littering Makes My Blood Boil

There is something, that I need to get off of my chest which makes my blood boil and gets on my last nerve. For the life of me, I am just so appalled by what I see and what I find that is not acceptable at all, and it is called littering. I find littering is a big problem and when I  am driving and see other people driving, they think its okay to toss out their tissue, gum and other things out the window and see it fly all over the place, and sometimes hitting the windshield of the person behind or on the sides. I see so much litter getting off the Highway 401 and on the grass and the sides, I would see a pile of trash everywhere, coffee cups, food bags from Mcdonalds, Tim Horton’s, and other places. I see coke cups, gum wrappers and cartons, candy and chocolate wrappers. You name it, its all there. I just don’t like it when I see this. Whatever happened to caring for the environment and preventing pollution from this garbage going around and harming where animals live and it goes into our waters, lakes, streams and rivers where fish and other animals live. I don’t think it is right to litter at all. I know that pollution also happens from Gas and all those cars and everything, but the more serious issue is trash. I see a lot of it. I mean when I say a lot, I am saying all the time.

There are Garbage Cans for a reason and for people to stop being lazy about throwing garbage in it’s place and not throw it anywhere they please. Its not a good thing and it doesn’t look so good for the city and for our health. A lot of germs are in the air because people fail to put trash where it belongs. If we do not take care of our earth by doing these simple things like not littering and everything, then our earth will not take care of us. Which is the honest truth. If you see someone deliberately and purposely littering, do not hesitate and be afraid to tell them in their face and say, Hi sir or Ma’am please pick up your garbage and put it in the trash can, thank you. It doesn’t matter of the reaction, you just did your job and your duty to take care of the earth and everything else.

Littering is terrible. I hope people will be more aware of what they do. Our earth is beautiful, but were making the earth ugly by littering and not taking care of it. Lets stand on littering and make it a thing of the past and look for a cleaner earth tomorrow. Don’t take advantage of the earth, we all live on. Lets help each other out, by eliminating litter.


13 thoughts on “Littering Makes My Blood Boil

  1. keep Canada beaautiful and clean, don’t know how people think or I should say some cause not all are illiterates and think to keep it clean where you live. very well said Talin, I wish every one thinks the same way.

  2. You’ve taken those words right out of my mouth. I feel exactly the same. My mum brought us up to respect the environment and we never threw rubbish on the ground as children, a habit I’ve carried with me throughout life. Unfortunately, there are a lot of selfish and inconsiderate people out there.

    As for asking people to pick up their garbage, be careful, as this kind of people who don’t respect their invironment might also be the kind of people who do not respect other people and could be violent. I did that a few years ago when I saw a group of 10 year-olds throwing their left-over McDonalds on the ground right next to a bin, I told them there was a bin right there and they laughed in my face and said “So what?” and walked off. Good upbringing is the answer and not everyone gets it.

  3. Littering is something I hate.
    Here in the UK it is quite common to see the sort of behaviour you write about. As Fatimasaysell says, a lot of this is caused by poor upbringing by ignorant parents, I would also echo her warning about confronting people about this, especially if they are in a group. Hardly a week goes by here without there being news of a violent attack by groups (of kids usually) on an individual because he tried to intervene in an argument or said something to provoke them.
    I do a lot of walking in the countryside and have become so irritated by people’s thoughtlessness that I now carry a plastic bag with me to pick up the plastic bottles, fast food containers and all sorts of other rubbish that I find along the way.

  4. You reminded me of an incident when I was stuck in traffic. The person 2 cars down threw out an empty bottle of water from his window. Real smart!!! So the man right behind him got out of his car, grabbed the bottle and threw it back inside the guy’s car! Now that was AMAZING to see!

    I will never understand the idea of throwing stuff out like the space we walk on is this big garbage disposal area. If everyone did that, what would it look like to enjoy nature walks??? Good for you for addressing the issue Talin!

  5. It is sad that there are still people out there who don’t respect the community we share. I have seen folks toss fast good bags out of the car window right onto the freeway. That seems so dangerous, in addition to the environmental hazard.

    I am guilty, however, of doing my share of littering. More than once in the past year, I have tossed or spit my gum out the car window. When I was a smoker (I quit in 2002) I used to flip my ashes out the window AND sometimes toss my butts outside as well, unless I was in a high risk fire area (which is common in the desert where I live). So foolish of me really, as I still have a scar on my eye where my mother’s hot ashes came into the back window and burned me when I was a child.

    Being aware of my own flaws in this area probably makes me a little more tolerant of the mindlessness of others, so I am not likely to get my blood pressure up over it. But, I do pick up trash when I have the opportunity to do it… whether it’s mine or not… and I think this somehow helps to balance out the karma in my universe. Since I can’t control anyone else’s behavior aside from my own, it feels like a productive and peaceful course of action toward a viable solution.

  6. i just left the ‘tropical paradise’ of langkawi in malaysia, an abiding memeory will be the trash everywhere, and the stench of bins and the accumulated rotting food around them. i live in malaysia, and sadly one element amongst many missing in education, is the subject of garbage. it is heart breaking.

  7. This is also a pet peeve of mine. Unfortunately, if you speak up the animals out there might attack. I have the same thing here with a neighbor who ignores me when I complain about her throwing her food out the window for the birds. Every single day I walk out to a car full of bird doo doo. It seems like everyone around here trivializes it and that burns me up.

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