Becoming Parents Means To Being Responsible & Becoming Great Role Models To Children

There is something that has been quite the course of concern for me as I watched the news today of a woman who took her daughter to a tanning salon and her being so dark from those tanning salons where her daughter was exposed to terrible radiation and burns from those machines. These tanning salons and tanning beds have got to be the worst things that people go to and all the terrible radiation people are exposed to, is just unbelievable. People are spending money foolishly on these tanning salons which is so bad for you, I cannot even begin to describe it, well lets just say cancer is around the corner. let alone taking a child to a tanning salon thinking its okay to take your child there, when it isn’t. It is not even good for adults to go there as well.

Natural Sunlight is what you need and it gives off the much needed Vitamin D and Vitamin E that our bodies need. Now furthermore, I believe that when people become parents it is very important to be good role models to children and set good examples to them, by taking them to places that are appropriate and to their age. It is important to teach children good qualities, good manners, etiquette and kindness. Now what this woman did to her child, is so wrong. I do not have children of my own yet, but I already know how I will raise my child when my time comes to have children. With good values, Qualities, Having my child grow up gradually with each age and what to provide for my child in his/her stages in life. I will teach my child to have a great personality to give off to the world. I will not expose my child to inappropriate things.

I just do not understand why these people are in business with tanning when its just so horrible and bad for you and people still continue to go to it. It is just so appalling to see this on the news. I just had to write about this today. I am so concerned and worried. I really hope that child stays safe. The safety and security of children is very important to me. I really hope Parents spend time with their children to teach them and raise them properly with good values and qualities and how to be in society. I really really hope! Children are blessings and so important in our lives. We too were children, but its the way to bring them up is what is important in life. Do what you can to protect your children and spend more time with them. Unfortunately sometimes that doesn’t apply to everyone due to an unfortunate loss and my condolences, but to those who have it, do not take it for granted, do not take the time you have with your children for granted and get them to have a mutual understand and mutual feelings because I hate seeing families get ripped apart because of things that can be fixed.

Just make a promise to me to take good care and raise your children with morals and respect. It is very important! Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Becoming Parents Means To Being Responsible & Becoming Great Role Models To Children

  1. The biggest problem in society is the lack of morals and character in our younger generation. Some of it can be blamed on negative cultural influences such as music and television, and some of it can be blamed on the school system. But the greatest blame needs to be placed on the parents! Those negative influences can be overcome with good parental involvement.

  2. Very well said, it is all true, it all depends how you grow up or what your pae\rents teach you, unfortunately sometimes they learn things from their bad friends and students from school, it is important to stay with good company and learn good things, Birds of feather flock together..

  3. Some parents aren’t just aware whether what they do to their children are bad. Maybe they’re not ready to be parents at all.

  4. Talin, I so agree. However, to give a good foundation to kids, a parent must have a good foundation themselves whether obtained through their own experiences or gleaned from the experiences or advice of another and then they must be willing to do whatever it takes to impart that good foundation to their children. Unfortunately, all too often in our world today, either the good foundation is lacking or the willingness or ability to impart it is lacking. This is why voices like yours and so many others need to keep resounding re: these issues to make whatever positive impact possible…… encouraged……Kim

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