Nobody Is Perfect. Everyone Makes Mistakes

As we go through this life we have, we must accept and realize that nobody is perfect in the world, and human nature makes all kinds of mistakes. I believe that when people make mistakes, its really important to never repeat it again and learn from the first time. We make mistakes on tests, we make mistakes on choosing our better half who ends up to be the total opposite of who you had known from before, we make mistakes on our work, in our homes, in choosing friends who are really not that great to be around with and hanging out with the wrong crowds. These can all be corrected when we make the right choices in life and when we are selective and very careful about associating with types of people there are in the world. Making mistakes is part of human nature, but we must also realize to prevent from the same things to happen again.

If at first you don’t succeed, and when you make a mistake in a test, or in an assignment, the willingness to re-do and try it again is totally up to you, but I would take it. If this happens to you, go up to the teacher, professor and have a civilized conversation with him/her and explain honestly on what happened and see if you can redo an assignment and hand it in. I know sometimes some teachers give an assignment or test and you cannot redo it again, but it never hurts to ask the teacher for a re-test or something and apologize to the teacher and say, I could have done better, I could have excelled more in making the grade and apologize for it. I am certain that when your sincere and you admit that you did not study hard enough and you did many mistakes on a test and when you come clean about it and re-study for it, you mark my words, the teacher will be pleasant and he/she will accept and give you a re-test. Honesty is the best policy and the teacher or professor will appreciate you for it.

Mistakes is something that a lot of people do not admit in doing and there is really no shame in doing mistakes because everybody does it. It is hard to admit our mistakes and we try to hide it as much as we can, but it comes out no matter what happens. Do not worry about it so much, but worry about it if its been done more than once or twice. In Order to succeed, go forward and excel in life, we have to make mistakes in order to do better things in the long run and in order to progress well. If we ourselves do not make mistakes, then how will we ever know to do the right thing? I know the solution. Always analyze and think about your actions and words before you say and do them. Do your best to not make the same mistake twice and it does not hurt to ask for guidance and assistance with things. Not asking for help and making mistakes is a mistake in itself. There is no shame in it.

I know a lot of us are proud and want to do things on our own without help, without asking, without coming clean about it, but that really is not a great way to deal with it. There are many websites out there with so much information, there are people who can help us, make a phone call, send an e-mail when curiosity strikes, when you want to know how to do something, make something or get something done. There really is no shame in asking. It is a shame if you do not. Helping each other out and doing things together is very important. I know a lot of people are independent and do everything on their own and have never asked for help in anything, but one day we may need that help.

So try not to make mistakes, but make mistakes to learn and get ahead. Nobody achieves greatness without it.


10 thoughts on “Nobody Is Perfect. Everyone Makes Mistakes

  1. I think we have forgotten the benefits of making mistakes. They help you grow, as long as you recognize them and learn from them. As a parent we want to protect our kids from making mistakes, this is a mistake! Our kids have not learned how to deal with rejection and how to handle making mistakes. Let them! That is how they and you will learn and grow. Thanks for the post, it’s a great reminder!

  2. we all make mistakes as you said no one is perfect we learn from mistakes that we do and try not to repeat them,, knowingly making mistakes are not accepted and harmful. it is always agood thing to listen older and wiser people with more experience some have gone threw life in making mistakes and try to worn younger people to avoid making mistakes like they did, this happens mostly parents who try to give sound advice to their youngters, they should listen more often to avoid costly mistakes… as long as your mistakes are not costly and can be corrected, some mistakes could easily cost your life… stay happy and try to do the right things

  3. You said it all, Talin. People who are afraid to fail often don’t even try because of that–they get stuck. But if you fail and learn from your mistake, then you are way ahead. Great post.

  4. Hi, it’s been 2months and I liked your new photo and colors of the page. Seems like two-thirds of mistakes would come from neglect. In other words, honesty would save two-thirds of mistakes in one’s life.

    • thats true, sincerely, it is not necessary for you to make mistakes if you would decide to learn from the mistakes of others…. if at all, you make mistakes, one thing in life is important – how you see what you see… you can see the mistake as a means/material to help you grow (just as you rightly said).

  5. Thank You so much talinofali….. funny enough, i have never thought of this before……. this is just a new light shared to me. wonderful blog-post…. if persons are aware of this your thoughts, i believe they would do better in life – in terms of having a victorious, fun life with all – round success in all that they do.making the best out of your mistakes…… hmmmmmmn… Lovely Post!

  6. Who every wrote this topic about nobody is perfect, really did a good job it gave me a lot of advance how 2 deal with my problem

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