Bible Study and Friends I have made from that.

In the beginning which was about 5-6 years ago, I started coming out to bible studies at my Armenian Church, which led me to learn more about God and Jesus and a lot more about the bible and theological learnings in the Armenian Perspective. Soon after My life made a complete 360 degree turn. My Life got better, things started to really look up for me, but soon after I had those terrible feelings of unwantedness, and lonliness return back to me due to some stresses, but now everything has found its place.

I now have the most wonderful true friends who have helped me a lot through my tough times, and I am a very happy individual, who has good friends that she can talk with and spend time with. They give me confidence, encouragement, and strength to do what I do, and to know I have people on my side. They know who they are.

I have been taking care of myself a lot more these past several months, by eating sensibly, losing lots of weight, and I am finally thinking about myself for a change, and not thinking about what rude, two-faced, fake, cruel, and persons with big egos tell me, because I have no place in my life for those who bring me down and give me the cold shoulder.

As Long as I have God, My family and friends in My life, evverything else will come to place. I love My life and everyone in My life.