My Opinion on the Roseanne TV show cancellation.

Agree or disagree, this is my view.

In the last few days, we have heard about Roseanne show being cancelled because of a racist and terrible tweet Roseanne Barr had posted which went viral soon after causing her show to go off air from ABC. Rather, I think that it is way too extreme to cancel a show based on a tweet and for a whole cast and crew to lose their jobs because their main character had something terrible to say, but I also think that social media is a place where everything can be seen and posts can go viral and posts do hurt people and words are powerful more than anything else.

Sometimes and a lot of the times, what we say online has dire consequences and this is a prime example and this is a lesson to be learned. When we say something out of turn or out of line, it puts a huge damper on your reputation and it never goes away and someone will always remember it and posts never die online. It stays forever.

What you post and say on social media is something we all have to think about before we post it. No matter who we are, our social status, if we are well-known or not, something will always come back to bite you. Racism, discrimination, insults, rudeness, disrespect and everything else negative should not have a place in social media, especially when the world is watching.

Social media should be a place to empower, to change the world for the better, to create ideas, to learn positive and good things from each other, to share things in good nature. We need to take care of our words and posts that we send out to people around the world. It is important to use social media in a good way that will inspire, to be kind, to do good things with it by raising awareness on important causes and more.

Some people use social media for all the wrong reasons to bully others, to ridicule, humiliate, embarrass and do other unspeakable things and it is so terrible. We need to take action and a huge make-over of social media is needed. No matter who you are in the society famous or not, prominent figures and ordinary people.

Think before you post. It is so important.

3 thoughts on “My Opinion on the Roseanne TV show cancellation.

  1. Good post. The other cast and crew members of the show shouldn’t be made to suffer just for the tweet of one of it’s stars. I think the TV companies responses should be consistent though – some comedy show lampooned right wing figures by comparing them to apes. If the TV Corprations were being even handed handed then perhaps the comedy show should have been dealt the same fate as Roseanne.

  2. Roseanne will come back with another show someday and will never be anything but an big star no matter what she says. If the people who support her stand behind her, the show was really not cancelled anyway.

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