How to Research For All-Inclusive Resort Vacations.

In life with our responsibilities and our busy schedules with work, home, school, and everything else, We look to get away from it all and enjoy our time away from home to relax, take it easy and shut our minds off for a week or 2 or whatever duration. It comes a time when we are looking for a great and fantastic All-Inclusive Resort Vacation. I am here to give you advice on how to do great and efficient researching on whatever you are looking for in a vacation. A lot of us want relaxation no doubt and some are adventurous and want to participate in a lot of what the resort offers in and out.

Here are ways to do all that:

1. Pick a time of the year that you want to travel and where you want to travel. Then take a look at some travel sites to help you by putting in “All-Inclusive Vacations”. Make sure you live in a city or town and make sure your local airport flies there. Sometimes you may have to drive out for a couple of hours to an airport. Make sure it is convenient for you.

2. Research on the resorts, not the reviews. Most of the time reviews can be misunderstood and misinterpreted. Sometimes they can turn us away. Don’t be tempted. Create your own and be your own person and to your preference. Everyone is different. Always remember that.

3. Pick a budget of how much you want to spend on your vacation, and sometimes the price can be right too. If you choose your vacation on March Break, Christmas, New Years, Winter Break or other holiday’s, it can run more expensive. There are high and low seasons of travel.

4. Research on what you want out of the resort. Do you like it big? small? medium or a huge resort? Do you like to try out different food and cuisine from the restaurants? Is the resort filled with activities? Do you usually participate in everything? Are you a beach/ocean person or a swimming pool person or both? Are you picky about your room? Do you have certain requests? Do you require a safe to keep your important things, passports and all that out of reach? I recommend that by the way. All this can be looked upon when you do research.

5. Are you an adventurous person who likes to get out of the resort and go on excursions and everything? I recommend doing research and booking the excursions before you head to your resort. You save a lot more money by going out on your own and booking your excursions, time and everything before you pay for it at the resort because they take commission out of it of course.

6. If you are a person to get on social media or keep in touch at home with your loved ones, check to see about the Wi-Fi. If it is important for you to have that. Make sure you get Free Wi-Fi or if you want to pay for it. Some resorts offer free Wi-Fi throughout the resort and some do not. You have to look into that.

7. Are you focused on star ratings and super picky? Or not… It all depends on preference right? If you cannot put too much money into your vacation, you are most likely going to get a very cheesy resort and not too many things involved into it if you get a 2-3 star. then a 4 4 1/2 star offers a bit more, and then 5 stars offers everything. It all depends on budget and what you want.

8. Search for resort photos, maps, videos, and locate where everything is, and then when it comes time to booking, tell your travel agent or tour operator agent what you want, where you want your room to be and if you want bottom floor or top floor, it is all up to you. Also you will want to check on walking score in the resort or if they offer shuttles around the resort with Golf carts or whatever if you have a hard time walking to places or whatever the case.

9. Research on airport distance to resort. If you don’t mind whatever duration it is, its fine, but do your homework before so that you won’t be surprised when you get on your transportation to the resort.

10. Research about your aircraft and the model type you are going to fly with and pick your seats from before so you are ready for when you check in at the airport. Also research baggage and carry-on baggage limits and what is permitted and non-permitted in your bags or on your person.

11. Research for proper documents and make sure your passport and information are up to date and not expired. Some destinations require you have a valid passport of 6 months. Within the last 6 months, some places deny you to travel to the destination. Good idea to take that up with your tour operator and research online as to why that reason is.

12. Do you like to stay at the resort and not go out of it? That is totally fine. You can relax and there is already plenty to do at the resort. You don’t have to leave it. You can spend hours in the water, go eat and enjoy. Research and learn about it, take a stroll around and familiarize yourself with it and get used to it. You don’t have to go to orientation. You can do and see things for yourself without it.

13. Pick your room style by doing research. Obviously the more you want in a room is going to be more pricey, and if you want upgrades and everything, do it before you get to the resort. It tends to get more expensive when you are booking a different and better room at the resort.

I know it seems like a lot of work for a week, 2 weeks or whatever, but it really isn’t. When you become experienced in travel, and whether it is your first time or several times, it is important to do research and look at everything before you commit to a vacation because you never want surprises and disappointments no matter how many times you go away.

Everything will be fine and All the best for your hunt for a vacation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will help you find your perfect vacation getaway in paradise.

Bon Voyage!

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