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CBC Marketplace is a great show that airs in Canada which makes people aware about so many things, to put things into perspective. They address very important issues to raise awareness about, consumer reports on how unfair things are, how people do not get treated with respect. It also uncovers wrong-doings in businesses, protects Canadians, making people aware of misleading marketing, scams, products, services that are rendered. Marketplace goes out there to combat those issues, to get the word out and to raise awareness for the safety and security of people’s well-being.

Also to protect yourself on what really is in your cheap fashion custom made jewelry that you purchase in big box stores and retail chains. So much more. Anyway, this topic of racism has been going on for a long time and it needs to stop. So, Marketplace went out there to experiment this and the outcome is shocking.

A few nights ago the show was about racism and how people are discriminated against by what the media feeds us in our news. It is so wrong to be racists and stereotype people. They also get rude and terrible comments made to them because of colour, ethnic pieces of clothing they wear, their cultural names, their looks.

Also, what is wrong is that when people apply for employment, the employer and company looks for a person’s name instead of their skills and qualities on their resumes. They did a study that majority of people with Canadian and White names such as Smith, got the positions, got calls for interviews, whereas people with ethnic names, got the shaft and did not get called. The employer might be racist or they do not know how to pronounce a person’s name correctly, so they get intimidated and so they do not want to deal with mispronunciation. That could also be the factor.

So, they went out to the streets to put 1 actor like she is a Syrian refugee raising money for the people that come to Canada, so they put another actor that is supposed to act racist, saying all these stereotypical racist stuff saying you all are terrorists, what are you going to buy bombs and guns with that money? Go back to where you came from. Some other people also stopped and said I will call the police if you do not leave her alone and do not stop with these crazy racist comments made toward her.

Some people were not racist who were walking by her and gave her money, whereas most of them walking by were and this is alarming and it needs to be stopped.

It is wrong to treat people this way. Be kind to one another and let’s put racism out the window and welcome people no matter what culture and race they belong to. Being prejudice is absolutely terrible.

There will always be bad ones in any culture, but let’s not discriminate and believe that every person is bad in that race. Ignorance and pointing fingers is not only terrible but it can hurt and words do hurt also actions too.

The media is also a big factor on how people are treated. The way the media portrays a group of people lead us to believe that each person in that culture or race is terrible and we should all stay away. They think each person who is from the Middle East is dangerous, that they are always thinking about terrorism, guns, and everything like that, suicide bombing and everything.

People in the middle east always have a bad reputation. Some people are so rude it baffles me. Not everyone is like that. Put yourselves in their shoes. They wake up not being certain about tomorrow, there are bombs and missiles above their heads, there are guns and bloodshed at every corner. They are not promised a tomorrow and that is very terrible. They come to Canada thinking it is peaceful and that they do not have to worry about waking up with bombs, explosions and guns going off.

Well, racism is worse than any bombs, explosions and guns itself. It hurts a lot more than people realize. Being stereotyped and being treated unfairly due to what the media news people feed us society is so unfair and bias.

Also, people from Africa and West Indian countries also get called terrible names. Racial slurs that are so terrible. People automatically think all these people carry so many diseases and once again with how the media portrays these people. We have great people in this world, however; the way the news gives us all this information makes people believe otherwise.

Media is a huge culprit in today’s society and it influences many people and the choices they make also about treating people with respect and dignity, to leave ignorance at the door, to be welcoming to people. What if tables were turned and someone did that to you or others you care about? Would not be a great feeling at all. Think about it. Stop racism and accept and be kind to one another.

Have you been through a situation where someone is racist to you?

Have you witnessed it happen?

CBC Marketplace has a lot more. It was a special one-hour investigation
click here to find out. http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace


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