A Writers Break – Should or Should Not

I am thinking about taking a break from writing. I just do not know if I should or not. Do you all really enjoy my craft and content I produce? I just feel like I need to put things into perspective and focus on working harder and to put my energy into making something of myself to produce greater results and not to put my writings in vain.

I need a lot of help in making my dreams a reality to become more successful in the big leagues in the entertainment, magazine and newspaper world. I am just so stuck to do it all on my own. I appreciate my supportive friends, family, readers, subscribers and fans of my work so far.

I sometimes get these feelings that rejection and not getting my big break in the world will ever happen for me. I am trying my hardest. It’s beginning to be overwhelming and exhausting. I just feel like crying and letting it all out. It is my dream to do it up big and be amongst the stars and bringing my fresh ideas to them and the directors and everything. Been working so hard for years now. I feel positive but at the same time I don’t. I am running out of options and don’t know what to do.

I wish I had the right connections to get me there. We all go through those times where we feel overwhelmed and some of us writers feel the pressures of writing content, but the issue is to be noticed in the world and how some bloggers and writers get their big break just from one post. It gets so tiring, but at the same time we love what we do.

Sometimes a person who just puts up a status on Twitter gets all the awareness and so many people retweeting and engaging into it. All it needs is one little status of 140 characters or less to get the world talking about it. I really do not know how these people do it. It just baffles me.

Sometimes when people say to follow your passion, sometimes that passion gets blown up in your face and you are in a limbo to figure out what it is. I know it is not easy to combat that and there is just so much someone needs to think about, but we must not lose sight of what we are talented with, what gift we want to give to ourselves, but the passion, talent, skills and things we are good at. We should never underestimate ourselves.

Last night, I had written this on my Facebook and the outpouring of love and support from my friends and family was incredible. I never knew how big of an impact I put on people’s lives until I wrote what I wrote about taking a break from writing. A lot of people love what I produce, they enjoy my posts and the support me 100%.

So, I won’t be taking a break from writing, because a lot of people count on me and besides, I wouldn’t want to quit anyway because I truly love it and I will not stop. I am absolutely blessed with this gift and I intend to use it to the fullest extent. Thanks to my family, friends and fans for reminding me of that.

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