Always Think With Your Mind, Not Your Heart

In recent years, I have been in society quite a lot and there are people around me, that have been hurt so terribly much because they are with people who have hurt them and its put quite a scar on some people I know, and its been a crazy ordeal. Nowadays, you have to be so careful of who to trust and who to choose as friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and make smart decisions of who you want to associate with. In this life now, you have to be very careful and you must always think with your mind before you can think with your heart. The heart is a very fragile place, and sometimes it can’t handle pain that someone caused and peoples stress level goes up. Before that happens, I truly believe that each and everyone of us must think long and hard with our minds because our minds tell us what is right and what is wrong, and sometimes the heart interferes with our decisions we make about being involved with certain people and being involved in relationships, and bonds with other loved ones in your life. You must always decide and make the right decision for you. It is a gut instinct that a lot of us have, and when we are out socializing and when we meet different types of people, you automatically figure it out and you automatically know different personality traits, by just exchanging a few words. Thinking with the heart can lead to devastating results, because our hearts are pure, our heart is a place where we look beyond imperfections, its a place where we go to most of the time.

In this society now, its all about the mind first above anything else. Thinking before doing is very important. these days all your actions and words are always under a microscope, people have become more judgmental, and ask so many questions about you, people are always interested in starting gossip, people will always find ways to find out things, people will always try to pry into your life because a lot of people get curious and curiosity takes people to all lengths, and it can lead to problems between people, and its not a good thing. The mind is powerful and we have to think twice of what we do, before we do it. There are ways people can nab you, most people now have smartphones, and rapidly increasing technology and things can end up online, videos, audio, you name it. The world can see anything. So be cautious and keep thinking. It will save you in the long run. All the best.

4 thoughts on “Always Think With Your Mind, Not Your Heart

  1. I do not agree totally with you. Surely the society as it is now, it looks with the utmost attention to every tiny bit of our behaviour. But if we consider it too much we will end up changing ourself into the being others want us to be.
    I personally think that everyone has to make his own decision based on coscience, on his own good and bad ideal. It does not matter if other like it or not. Life is not arriving on top of the sheeps, life is elevating ourselves over our older self.
    I tested endless times how people change idea about you when they see your flawless sincerity, but not because you do not make mistakes, which can naturally happen, but because you think of all your actions based on what you think is right!

    Life is marvellous but often clouded by the judgement of others.

  2. I disagree. Yes, it’s wise to follow your head sometimes, but those gut feelings and what your heart tells you? They are so important.

    In my almost 39 years on this planet I’ve made the mistake of ignoring my gut feelings, ignoring my heart when it tells me that my choices are wrong, and going with my head. Perhaps logic makes sense, but then you’re in the reality of your logical decision and it can lead to amazing amounts of pain.

    Five years ago I followed my gut instincts to get away from a situation, and the next day my heart told me that I had found my true home. The man who gave me shelter all those years ago has now been my beloved husband for six months.

    Always follow your heart. Question with your mind, but your heart is usually right.

  3. “Thinking with the heart can lead to devastating results, because our hearts are pure, our heart is a place where we look beyond imperfections, its a place where we go to most of the time.”

    Talin, how can a pure heart lead to devastating results, tell me?
    The mind is what TRICKS us into making decisions which go completely against our true nature. We can rationalise ANYTHING…

    This is a lie, girl, and you, as positive as you are – will discover in time.

  4. I agree 100% with you. Looking at history, regarding betrayals, it was almost always between someone using their heart (the fool) and someone using ther head (the wise). Wether it was friends, best friends, partners, etc. The wiser/smarter one triumps. And they didnt triumph thinking with the emotion, but with rational thinking.

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