Talin’s Top Kitchen Gadgets & Machines

Hello! Today I am here to talk to you about my favourite and top gadgets and machines to use in the kitchen. The kitchen is one of my favourite spots in my house. I love to cook, I love to organize, I love to invent my own dishes and use spices, herbs and different types of food to create something new. I love cooking something different everyday for my family to have a variety of foods every week. I don’t like to make a lot because I am not a left over person.. I am a perfectionist when it comes to great tasting food. I am one of those people who take time to cook, and keep my area clean of debris and mess. These gadgets and machines help me do so. Now, here are my gadgets and machines starting from #10

10Β  — My Vegetable and food puree — that mashes up my mashed potatoes and other foods for soups, sauces and more.

09 — My T-fal Non-Stick pan which I use to cook eggs, bacon and hash browns in the mornings. — I use the smaller one to fry almonds, cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, for rice and other dishes…

08 — My Lagostina or T-fal Wok — Non Stick where I cook my stir fry, chilli, noodle stir fry, much more.

07 — My Hamilton beach toaster — it toasts 4 at one time and you have an option to toast frozen toast or breads and defrost it. Its pretty neat.

06 — My Garlic Grater, My Lemon Zester,Β  My Slicer — I love these ones. It saves me so much time and energy… I slice anything on it and it does a fabulous job. It was one of those As seen on TV things.

05 — My Moulinex Deep Fryer — My Moulinex deep fryer, I use canola or extra virgin Olive oil to fry my Fries, and other things and it does such a great job and cooks evenly. I use low caloric oils and non-fat always. I stay away from corn oil, vegetable oil. those are the worst you can use in the food.

04 — My Spatula — Its such a great tool to clean out the cake batter bowl and other types of liquids. I love my spatula. Its flexibility, and the way it’s made is incredible

03 — My non-stick cookie, cup cake, and cake pans — I just put a little bit of the Cooking spray and I take my batter and put them in and it bakes so evenly and it never sticks when I take it out. I am always afraid of that, but it comes out successful all the time

02 — My Lagostina Cookware — My pasta cooker, my pots, I like the way my food cooks and instantly. Normally rice takes about 30 minutes to cook, but the pot I use is fraction of that. it takes about 15 minutes. Its such an incredible tool to have in the kitchen.

01 — My Kitchenaid Stand Mixer — My Kitchen Aid stand mixer is above all in anything in the kitchen. I love that tool so much. I use it so many times now and the way it beats the batter, the way it beats other things, the way this machine works is incredible. Its a beautiful machine and it hardly makes any noise in the house. I am so glad to have it. It looks so beautiful on my kitchen counter. This thing is super heavy. i cannot put it in my lower cabinets, because its very durable and heavy so I just left it on the counter top. It looks so nice and adds something amazing to my kitchen.

There you have it. My top 10 gadgets and Machines in the kitchen….



21 thoughts on “Talin’s Top Kitchen Gadgets & Machines

  1. next time when I need to cook I know where to come LOOOOl very organized Talin, I am sure anything you cook will be tasty and great bon apetite.

  2. Very helpful list. I love creating in the kitchen, too. But, I confess. While my people are usually happy with their food, the kitchen is usually a mess when I finish. I try to keep it clean. But, once I start stuff just goes everywhere.

  3. Come on over to my house. You can organize, cook and clean to your heart’s content. Oh, wait. You didn’t say the cleaning part, did you? LOL.

  4. great post, I’m a disaster in the kitchen so I’m interested in what works for you. I just want to say about the oils, all oils have the same number of calories and there is no such thing as non fat oil or low calorie oil!! All the best.

  5. I, too, love kitchen gadgets. One of my favorites is my Pampered Chef stoneware. I swear they make baked goods taste ten times better. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. I have a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer that I have had for 25 years if not longer! It is so much heavier than the newer ones. The bowl itself is very thick compared to the new ones also. I know this because I got my girls who are between the ages 32 and 36 Kitchen Aid Mixers for Christmas this past year. My Mixer had logged in many an hour mixing and blending many delicious treats for my family and is still going strong! I actually have both sizes – so I am a bit of a kitchen utensil junkie myself. So is my husband so between both of us we have quite a collection.

  7. Wow, I can barely bake or properly use a non stick sheets and cooking oil! You sound like a skilled cook, I wish to be like you is day! I’m addition I just wanted to say thanks for looking at my post!

  8. Great post. Funny how we become attached. When we holidayed at rented beach houses I would pack up a box of my kitchen buddies – good knife, favourite chopping board, kitchen scissors, teapot πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. The Kitchen Aid sounds awesome. Unfortunately, I have no space for one, right now. My coffee maker occupies pride of place at the moment.

  10. It’s so ironic that I would come upon this post today. This morning, I googled “small offset spatula” because supposedly, I needed one to free my muffin tin breakfast scramble from its muffin tin prison. I didn’t have the spatula, and I ended up with a, well, scramble. And then, this evening, I made a gourmet (?) meal for my husband, and we sat down to dinner looking at the kitchen, which had the distinct appearance of having hosted a tornado. What I learned was A. I should invest in a small offset spatula and B. It couldn’t hurt to clean as I go. And then I read your post about some great kitchen gadgets and cleaning as I go. Perfect timing.

  11. I too have lots of neat appliances and helpers in my kitchen – and my new favorites are my two cast iron skillets. My mom was a great cook, well-known in a few small towns here in Illinois. She could fire up her cast iron skillet and make hash browns like no one else. I’m not as good a cook as she was but not too bad either. Your kitchen (and food) sounds terrific πŸ™‚

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