The Titanic – 100 Years After The Sinking Of The Ocean Liner

One Hundred years ago on April 14-15 1912, Titanic was on its Maiden voyage to New York, USA. The Ship disembarked from South Hampton in England to USA on the North Atlantic Ocean. It was during the evening on April 14, 1912, that Titanic struck an Iceberg which put a huge gash on the side of the ship. It frightened the passengers of the ship and water started leaking into the vessel. As people were starting to load up on the lifeboats, it was only women and children first which really wasn’t a great thing. It should be everyone going on board those lifeboats. before they really were strict on first class, middle class and 3rd class passengers and weren’t equally treated. So many things went wrong on the Titanic with not sufficient tools and safety equipment and the big shots of the ship spoke so highly of the ship, “Even God Cannot Sink This Ship”. which should have never been said. The doomed ship started to sink faster and faster. several hundred were killed and drowned, some of hypothermia of the cold ocean of the Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland Canada.

I must say I was and still is a huge Titanic fanatic from 1997 when the film came out that James Cameron Directed. It was an incredible movie and I learned so much from it, just watching the story unfold. I don’t know why Titanic is one of my all time favorite movies, but I just like the beginning where things were perfect and things were in order. I used to be such a huge fanatic, that I used to have posters, pencils, books, films, t-shirts and a big Notebook with its photo. I was a huge fan of the Movie Titanic and I have watched it maybe 25 times maybe more and I was known to be the Titanic know it all and historian LoL… I kind of liked that, but then I was also serious too. It hit close to my heart. In 1997 up til 1999, Titanic was my middle name. My cousins, and other family members always asked me titanic questions and I would answer them. Now I still know the movie by heart, but I need to re-watch it again once to just refresh. My condolences go out to those lives lost in the Titanic and a beautiful ship with so much that went down to the bottom of the Ocean floor.

5 thoughts on “The Titanic – 100 Years After The Sinking Of The Ocean Liner

  1. A good post Miss … middle name Titanic. It must have been so bad when she went down … I doubt if it was as romantic as the fields have made out of course … but eteyewitness accounts certainly talk of wonderful rezctions that people have in the face of such adversity and imminent death.

  2. Yes it was a great tragedy, I too liked the movie but not to that extend LOL but I also watched the TV showa when they were trying to find the real Titanic and also when they brought up the the safe and opened live to see the content, we were all glued to the Tv to see what people had.

  3. James Cameron stated recently, while he was preparing the movie for 3D, that there were a lot of glaring errors in the film that he wanted to “fix” them, but it would have been too costly, and it would have changed the film too much to suit the afficianodoes. (Like you, Tilan!)
    My wife – also an afficianodo – found a film on the Smithsonian Channel online which “uncovered” a number of errors – not just Hollywood’s but also the owners of the ship. Plus many legends which have merely been prolifigated because they are so romantic.
    Incidentally, there was no Jack and Rose love story on the actual voyage.

    Write On!

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