Being in the Public Eye – Celebrities and Well-Known Figures of Society

In this life being in the public eye has its pros and cons, but mostly pros. Let’s begin with Cons. When you are well-known and you are doing your own thing by going shopping, heading for a flight at the airport, or your dining at a restaurant, having fan events and walking around and you get noticed, there are those certain few that overstep their boundaries and begin to touch you to make you uncomfortable which is way over the top and not good, and those who are so overly obsessive that they want to stalk the person. Now, those are cons, but there are a lot more pros to what happens.

When you become a celebrity and a well-known person in a community, and in the world, one of the key things to remember is that when people know you, and they come up to you and want to talk to you, take pictures with you and want to be around you, it comes with the territory. Be nice, kind and humble to those who love and worship you.

Some celebrities don’t even give their fans and supporters the time of day let alone take pictures and stuff with them. If it wasn’t for fans and supporters, these people would be out of jobs in the entertainment industry and other industries. I’ve seen videos where stars, celebrities have total disregard for their fans and just walk and shove them away and continue doing what they are doing to get into a car or store or whatever. It is rude. You signed up for this life, so you have to deal with everything that comes with it.

Some celebrities live in isolation away from fans and that is not right.

Communication is key with your fans. I think more artists, actors, actresses and other people who are well-known should engage more in their fans and make it easier for them to meet them. I’ve been lucky a few times meeting celebrities in Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and other places I have traveled to.

I am on social media and the internet and people recognize me at the most random places. It feels amazing.

I get approached by so many people who know me from everywhere and it makes me feel good and I appreciate and thank them. My fans, friends, family and all those who support me mean the world to me and I love everyone so much. When you are in public society, it’s important to have that connection and unity with people who spend precious time to follow and to support you. As a contributor to social media, it is awesome when you get approached personally.

That picture, autograph and a few minutes to spend with them mean a lot to them and to me. You have no idea how deep of an impact that gives people and you build yourself that great reputation that is important. The legacy you create is the legacy that everyone will remember.

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