17 Things Some People Do That We Don’t Think Of Doing

In our world, there are certain people that do things that we do not even think of doing. Some things that can be over the top, bizarre and absolutely crazy. Here are those things:

1. There are people who count how many toilet paper rolls they have used in a year or throughout their lives. You’ll be surprised that people keep inventory

2. There are people who count everything they have in their home.

3. There are people who count how many times they use the washroom and shower per year.

4. There are people who have huge collections of something and they dedicate their time and lives to collections and hobbies. Which is great and I love that.

5. There are people who are absolutely so neat, clean and so organized. They have massive OCD and they go crazy to keep things so tidy. If something is out of place, they go absolutely nuts and have to clean or organize it right away.

6. On road trips, some people think of other cars that are driving the highways as travel companions and they get so sad to part ways thinking they will never see them again. Which in majority of the time its true.

7. There are people who write messages and emails and go back to read it after sending it.

8. There are people who look for the perfect parking spot and go around in circles until they feel comfortable with a spot to park at.

9. There are people who count how many shampoo bottles and body wash they use in a year.

10. When people go in a store where they are not planning on buying anything, they start to get paranoid that security thinks they are a shoplifter.

11. There are people who practice what to order in their minds in a coffee shop or other restaurants before their turn comes up to order.

12. People keep inventory of the most craziest things

13. There are people who are so frustrated waiting when it comes to heating things in the microwave and using the treadmill. I am almost convinced that treadmill minutes and microwave minutes are longer than the regular minutes in the day.

14. There are people who keep a music library on iTunes and even keep songs they never ever listen to.

15. There are people who think about when people take pictures out in public or at games, that you are in their pictures in the background or you are photobombing their photos without knowing.

16. When people stop listening to music with their headphones still on their ears and realize that its still on their ears hours later

17. There are people who count how many shoes, clothes, handbags, underwear and socks they have. They even count how many pajama’s they have.

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