May Have A Job Soon In Being A Travel Consultant!

It is with great joy to announce to you that I may have a job soon in becoming a travel consultant. 🙂 I am so excited. I was discovered from one of the biggest travel agency companies out there and I may have a job with giving people advice on what to do when they travel and everything. I will be using my expertise and experiences to make other travelers have a safe, happy and wonderful journey to where they want to go. The e-mail caught me by surprise when I received it. I am jumping for joy and I need to celebrate. They said, that we have discovered how great my blog is and it gives off a lot of cool tips on traveling and we need people like you to assist our passengers needs. So there is a good chance I may have a great job with them and I am so excited.I am very happy! I actually had a dream about it last night that I was on a talk show talking about and giving advice about how to travel, procedures, what to expect, and then in the morning I go to Open up m e-mail and boom! I see this e-mail. It was so timely for me. I replied back to them, so lets see what happens. I am feeling fabulous! 🙂