Feeling Very Nostalgic Today

Today during the morning hours as I was listening to music from the past on my iTunes playlist which was Adiss Harmandian and International Vatche who are Armenians who sing a variety type of songs, I felt very nostalgic. It also brought back many emotions and happy thoughts as I was remembering highway 401 East and a cottage we used to have in Eastern, Ontario, Canada, a town named Tweed and the countless amounts of times we would drive to Montreal and a couple of times I drove on my own.

Now, you are probably wondering why the music is involved in this, is because they were the artists that we would listen to in the stereo in the car when we would drive down. It never missed. These singers would always be involved and included in our road trips to the Cottage, Montreal and abroad.

The Nostalgia was kicking in even more when I was scouring through the internet for images of the town, the cottage we used to own, highway 401 East, and it went as far as the service centres and things we would see on the way like The Big Apple on the south side of the 401 on exit 497, Percy St. Do not confuse it with The Big Apple in New York City.

I know you are also wondering why I am having nostalgia over a highway. Well, Highway 401 East from Toronto all the way to Quebec has a sentimental place in my life and in my heart and it will always be a special place to remind me of the great drives we have had, and I was crazy at one point in driving in the worst possible snow storm which took over 7 and a half hours to get to Montreal, where on a normal day, would take about 4 and a half hours. In Montreal, I have plenty of friends and I would go and hang out with them every 2-3 weeks. I went about 35 times in one year, and that does not even cover the rest of the years.

So, today all those thoughts and memories came back to my mind and it was a great feeling. It has been about 3 and a half years, I have not been back to Montreal. Just that life got a whole lot busier, a lot of work, and I have traveled quite a lot as well to so many destinations, that I have lost count and now, I am so occupied with my work in Social Media Marketing, and also being a professional in it.

The Nostalgic feeling will never go away, and I will always remember the good times. I am going to make a trip to Montreal and Tweed, Ontario once the winter goes away and spring comes. I definitely need to make a trip there. I just want to drive and I just want to see my beautiful people there and go back to where my Cottage used to be and relax by lake Stoco.

I have written Articles about Tweed, Ontario, the Highway 401 and more… To read, them simply search my blog on the top right side of my blog page above my Facebook Fan Page. Thank you.

Have you had a great nostalgic moment in your life?

Would love to hear from you.

All the best.

Driving on Two-Lane Highways – It Feels Awesome

As you may or may not know, one of the most therapeutic things for me in life is to drive and I like it very much. I especially love to drive on major Highway/Freeway Arteries, big and small, long and short. When I drive, it is very relaxing to me. I remember when I got my G2 drivers licence, I began driving on highways in Ontario, Canada, especially the Highway 401 going back and forth to Montreal from Toronto, and when I used to go up to my cottage in Tweed, Ontario on Highway 37 which is a two-lane highway in some parts. Then after I got my full G licence, it felt awesome taking control and having that experience to drive all on my own from Montreal to Toronto, which is about a 5 hours drive. I loved it. Listening to the radio/cd’s, Myself, my car and the road. It was so peaceful and incredible.

With that being said, I absolutely love driving on two-lane highways as well. I feel like I am driving out in the country, different lifestyle, seeing farmers, pick-up trucks, old cars, overlooking trees, scenery, farmland, agriculture, fruit and veggie farms, animals, a house or 2 within a few km’s away from each other, followed by passing pick up trucks, big trucks/rigs on opposite side of the highway, then seeing solid lines, then broken lines for cars that are able to pass at that moment, say if there is a very slow moving vehicle in front of you, then quickly merging back into your lane, of course when it is safely to do so. I love road-trips like that, and I have to be the driver, but I am not the one who can stay in a car for more than 8-10 hours. That is my maximum limit. Anymore than that, I would rather fly somewhere.

I know sometimes driving in rural country/county township highways take longer to get to places, depends on where you are going, but it feels incredible to see greenery more and to get up close and personal with nature as you drive along.

Do you usually drive in the family or when you are amongst your friends? Or do you like being a passenger a lot more? I am in the mix between both, but I am the one who likes to usually drive. I cannot sit in a backseat of a car. I feel uncomfortable. I have to either drive or sit in the front.

Do you have a driving memory or story?

Childhood Memories Of Tweed, Ontario, Canada – North of Belleville, Ontario

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about my Childhood memories and another has sticked to me was my moments of going up to the Cottage with my family in Tweed, Ontario Canada about 15-20 minutes North of Belleville, Ontario exiting off the Highway 401 on #544 to Highway 37. Everytime the time came for us to go to the cottage, I was so excited. I would pack my bags and sometimes my mom would pack my bag and we would load up the car and drive down. It took about 2 hours to get there everytime and I enjoyed the trip so much all the time. I am a huge fan when it comes to roadtrips 10 hours or less. :). I remember going fishing, boating, paddle boating, swimming and jumping off the Raft My dad and my uncles built. Sometimes it would be weeks at a time we would go and the grass was ever so tall and when the fall hit, there would be so many leaves on the ground, so I would help rake them up. It was a cute little cottage. What would really scare me when I was a kid, at night there would be Thundershowers, and very strong ones, so I would be so scared that I would hide under the covers and cover my eyes shut so I would not see it, but I am past that stage now. Anyway, I would like to tell you a bit about the Town Tweed, Ontario.

Now, Tweed, Ontario is located north east of the Province Ontario. All the time we would go to Tweed, we would stop by the IGA food market which is not called Valu Mart, and we would get some food for the weekend or however long we would be there. The town is so small and you can get everywhere within 5 minutes 10 minutes. They have North America’s Smallest Jailhouse, The Amazing Dollar Store, a Hardware store, Daisy Mart Beckers Store for convenience. I would always get Bubble Gum Ice cream or Popsicles, and snacks. There is also the Park Place motel which always makes me think of the Game Monopoly, There is a beach on the Lake Stoco, but way too weedy, but it is beautiful. Also A beer store. There is also a Bridgewater Antique Shop near the end of Tweed. There was this man people used to Call Uncle JED, so each time we used to go, we said Hey Uncle Jed, he began to know us and whenever we came to town, he greeted us and he used to give me treats when I was little. After the years went by, we decided to sell the Cottage because nodody was hardly going there anymore after people started getting older and new things were happening in our lives and we just couldn’t go to Tweed anymore which sort of Saddened me and it took a long time to get over it, but its not so bad now.  After we had sold our cottage in 2001 about a year or 2 later when I was about 18 years old, I drove by the town with my brother before we headed to a Camping trip with friends and we decided to pop by and we saw a New Tim Hortons at the end of the Town. A few things were changed. My 2 years of not being in the town does surely change and the population became a bit higher to about 2000 people.

Now on our way to the Cottage in Tweed, as soon as we saw Trenton, Ontario, I said we are getting closer and closer to Tweed. We used to stop at the Mcdonalds on the way at exit 519 on Highway 401 East. At the time there were the barbies and hot wheels happy meals. So I would get the toys. Now that Mcdonalds doesn’t exist anymore. A couple of years ago, they gutted it all out and it became a new OnRoute Service centre with Tim Hortons, Burger King, and so much more. It is now called Trenton, South. There is one just up north of the 401 Parallel to Trenton South. It was so fun just stopping there and you would see all these big 53 footer trucks, tankers, RV’s and stuff. I said wow its awesome. I began to develop a strong respect over truck drivers since that age. My dad said these guys are taking big loads of stuff to other cities and they drive for hours and hours. I love stopping at Highway 401 Service centres. I have had many experiences in them all the time. To this day, These service centres, the Highway 401, Tweed, Ontario and all these little things in life have a big place in my heart and I will never forget it. I do not want to sound weird by loving a Highway and showing my feelings toward it, but its the way I am and like I said, I am very sentimental when it comes to memories of my past and holding onto belongings that mean the world to me. If your ever in Canada, in Ontario, Tweed, Ontario is such a cute place to visit. You will need a car there of course, but its worth a visit. In My Opinion, but everyone has different ones of course.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed reading. Thank you for stopping by. Come again.