What Traveling Means To Me. I am Glad I can Help People In It

Hello everyone, today I am going to talk to you about what traveling means to me and how vital it is in my life. I am sure most of us love to travel and go away from civilization and reality once in a while. I am here to tell you about what it means to me and how it has shaped my life. Traveling is one of the most incredible things of life. You get to see different parts of the world, form your own opinion, give it your rating, and each travel story is an experience in itself. Last night I was talking amongst friends on my travel experiences and giving them my expertise. One person has never been on a cruise ship before and has never cruised and so I introduced her to a new world full of cruising and traveling. I must have been talking for over half an hour. It is a passion of mine and I love talking to people about travel. She said that you are an expert. I was just happy and moved by what she said to me. It is amazing what traveling can do for you. It makes you feel more independent in a way, it gives you that push into the world to get out of the city once in a while and just explore the world before your eyes. Its one of the greatest pleasures of life. I am so happy to have experienced it all, and I will continue into my journey. I am creating a new blog all about traveling and everything else Which will launch at the end of January, 2013. I am so excited about the experience to help others in all forms of travel. People told me why don’t you become a travel consultant? Although I would love to but, this is my way of travel consultation. I will not have it as career, but people tell me otherwise.

They said Talin you would be incredible on it and you have so much knowledge than a travel agent does. They said its true, you know so much more than a travel agent does. When I heard this, I said no way, they said yes way. I love it, but I just love consulting people online and personally, but not as a job/career path. I like exploring and traveling has shaped me and my outlook on life. I have seen things and I have been to villages and countries where they are not doing so well, and they don’t make much money. Like Cuba one persons salary of the month is like 15-20 pesos, and the food they get is measured by the government, and so much more. I saw this happening years and years ago when I went to Cuba for the first time back in the 90’s. It gives me time to appreciate what I have and everything I have with grocery stores that are easily reached, good clean water to drink and so much more. I am thankful for everything I have here. I have seen the way people live, and one persons house is like 300-400 square feet, and some homes are like tool sheds and 4 people live in it. They also haven’t even seen a plane or the airport, and when we showed them the airplane and pictures of them and everything, they were so surprised and they were amazed at it. This is also one of the reasons why I love traveling. I meet all different types of people, different cultures, and people of every walks of life. I love it.

I look forward to my next adventures.

Special Announcement – My Travel Blog Site To Be Launched Soon!

Hello everyone, I have a special announcement to make to everyone. Besides my primary blog I have here, and due to popular demand, I decided to launch my very first travel blog site which will be launched at the end of January, 2013. Since I was 7 years old, I got introduced to a world of travel by my family, and I travel every year to different destinations and everything. Now, All my knowledge, understanding and my expertise in travel, I want to put it into good use and assist others who are into traveling, and those all new to the traveling world. This blog I will create will include tips, advice, cruises, cruising, cruise ships, how to connect flights, best deals, discounts, great sales, all inclusive vacations, flights, airlines,  hotels, car rentals, airports, road trip travel, my very own travel experiences, travel updates, websites to visit, aviation, the list of places and cruise ships I have traveled and so much more. Traveling is such a big passion of mine, and its something I love doing and helping others with their travel needs is important to me and to make sure they travel comfortable and happy. I am very excited for this step I am taking to create a blog just for the reason of this incredible world of travel. You name it, I have done it. I am very fortunate for all my experiences and expertise and I want to put it in great use. Well, that is all for now.

my blog address will be provided once it is complete. Thank you! ūüôā

Happy traveling, Safe travels.

Improper Baggage Handling At Airports

***Before Reading My blog of today, if there are people working in the airport industry or any of that sort, please do not take the following as offense, I am just stating my comments based on what I have observed in past travels. Thanks***

In my travel experiences when I would be at the airport after checking my baggage in, going to my gate to wait for my plane, I notice that the baggage handlers when watching my plane are so vicious with peoples belongings and they do not take care of peoples baggages in proper manner. People spend so much money on great quality baggages and you would think that when you check in your luggage, they would take extra care with your property, but it doesn’t seem so. I have seen peoples expensive lugggages ripped, damaged, and broken. Then they say that damage to your luggages are not the responsibility of the airline or airports. I believe that they are responsible for the way they handle luggages.

I know and I am completely sensitive and compassionate toward these workers and that its a difficult process and a difficult job to do with all the heavy carrying, and all the heavy luggages going into planes and I know that they are on a tight schedule to get peoples baggages in the planes so that people can get on their planes and fly to where ever the destination maybe, but they should always becareful with them. I know that they must go through so many procedures and rules as I knew someone who did that job and he kept telling me stories about it and I truly understand where they come from and what they do and I comply with them very much, but People spend all types of money to travel and get baggages and there is no respect or careful handling of peoples things. I have seen it many times at different airports.

For example, We had bought really great quality luggages before we took off for Cuba and it was our first time using those luggages and all of a sudden when we got to Cuba, there was gash, rip on the side, and we said oh no! On our way back to Canada, the luggage came back in even more worse condition. We were livid and now were just using that to store our clothes and stuff from the past for storage. So we have to go out and buy new ones all over again before our trips to Vegas and California. It was quite upsetting. They need to take more proper care. Its all there is to it.

It is really not entirely human error, but its also the conveyor belts they put the luggages on too, its also the way it goes into the wagons to go to the airplane, but again it all comes to caring for someones things. All I am saying is that they need to exercise more caution, but I give them applause for the hard work they do. Kudos to them.