Book Smarts Vs. Street Smarts

Intelligence Vs. Education
Logic and common sense

I’d rather have street smarts, intelligence, logic and common sense. Yes, people go to school to get educated, get all these fancy degrees and all that, gain knowledge about mathematics, science, biology, English, and other subjects, people have this perception that if they do not earn high marks in school that they are not smart or anything, and then lose all the confidence in the world to try to prove a point. To me, those numbers mean nothing. Every person has their own ways of learning and at their own pace. Each person is great at something. What I look for in an individual is that they have intelligence, the know-how, common sense and logic in reality. Those are the most important things in life. Not a number. being book smart doesn’t determine if you are street smart. That must come within yourself and of course from the teachings of your past teachers, teachers assistants, family and friends.

I am not saying that book smart people don’t have the intelligence and common sense, and all that. That is not my intention to say that at all.

I went to grade school, high school and college, and my biggest strength was English class, social studies, civics, writing and reading. I did bring high marks and excelled in that above the 90’s. Other subjects did not seem to get me motivated to learn it.

A lot of people knew I had it in me to write and there were a few teachers I had that said, “Talin, you will go places in your life with your writing, creative writing”. She also stated “Talin, I know in my heart that you will make a difference in this world, do not worry about others who have bullied you emotionally and mentally”. Do what you love doing and do not worry about trying to prove a point with bringing high marks”.

Now, look where it is has got me. I have almost 2, 500,000 followers of my writings, my blog site worldwide in all of social media combined, University Professors from the US are using my words and my craft to use in their lectures and more. I’d rather make a difference in the world, use logic, common sense than having those fancy/schmancy degrees and trying to boast, and impress people, but it is not good to brag to people constantly about it.

Today’s Society and What has become of it…

Unfortunately in the society that we live in today is one, that we always have to watch our backs, watch who we spend our time with, watch on who we trust, and simply watching everything that we do in our lives. There are people who will ruin other peoples reputation, who will ruin something good that happens in ones life all because of jealousy, and ones insecurity, that they are afraid to show who they really are and be the person who they are obviously not. Their are people who are ought to get you and you must becareful because these type of people are people you want to stay far away from and not associate with them.

This world is oversaturated with materialism, must have gagdets that in 2 or 3 years will not be good anymore in the sole purpose of having it to show off to people. What is the point? Also, why are interior personal lives of politicians, celebrities and other activists have to always be broadcasted and have media coverage and waste paper and ink supplies just to cover them? Perfect example Justin Beibers Paternity Test, Kim Kardashians Divorce, Overplayed, Over saturation of popular people in our world, Get over yourself media. These people are entitled to their own privacy too and people can’t be so obsessed over people. people need to relax and the media needs to understand and put a limit. When something goes out of control, its too much. Where does the media draw the line? Our lives are far more valuable and far more important then to spend our time paying attention to news like this.

Life is already short in itself and people must know that we can never turn back time and time is going to keep going and going. Its time we pay attention to whats important to each and everyone of us and stop trying to impress other people, and to stop trying to mendle in a persons life who we dont even know in person. Its time to think of more important things in life such as establishing a future, establishing a good name for yourself, establishing who you are and what you do, a profession that you would be comfortable in, and an education that will live with you forever.

in the end all we have is ourselves and what we make of ourselves. It is up to you how you want to run your life, but be cautious, be safe and be smart.