Getting Back to My Roots – The Armenian Community

After a long hiatus, I am heading back into the doors of my local Armenian community centres and churches. Time to return back and do more things and be active in the community. I have been so out of the loop lately. After going through many things of life in the last little while, I decided that it is time and its now. I need a new perspective on life and what matters to me the most. One of them is giving a helping hand and being there for my Armenian community. 2 more hands make a big difference and its something that makes me feel incredible. In the past I have accomplished, achieved and been through a lot with meeting so many people, then being globally well known in the Armenian Community is something so incredibly amazing and awesome. The ultimate was visiting my Motherland Armenia in 1999.

I have done so much for my Armenian community in the past and here are many to list…

– I have been in the committee for Jr. ACYOC
– I have been in the committee for Sr. ACYOC (Armenian Church youth Organization of Canada) for over 11 years.

– Assisted in St Sahag, St Mesrob Armenian Saturday School for 4 years. I have also attended from 1989-1999 which I graduated grade 8…
– Assisted in the Armenian Sunday School for 2 years.

– I have been in Nor Serount (New Youth) New Generation) Newsletter publication for 2 years

– Assisted with Communications/Social Media advertising for Holy Trinity Armenian Church Toronto for 2 and a half years

– Assisted with the Armenian Genocide commemoration in Ottawa for 3 years.

– for Bible Study sending out e-mails and being the communications director working with the priest and committee of Bible Study…

– Organized Armenian Camping trips of which one year I was the head of the team and brought over 70 people from Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and other places to a Camping trip in Kingston, Ontario…

– Was part of Sassoun Dance Ensemble for a year.

– Went on a pilgrimage to Montreal in 2007 with the Armenian Church

– Participated in Many ACYOC Armenian Youth Sports weekends from 2003-2011

– Visited a Nursing home with Armenian Bible Study to spend time with the elderly.

– Assisted in Wrapping Presents for children with Armenian Bible Study at Childrens Aid Society

– Went to Vancouver BC for a sports weekend, then went to several meetings in Kingston, Montreal, and Ottawa…

More to come in the future. There is no stopping me now.

Armenian School, The experience of a lifetime…

When I was a young girl at the age of 4, I began my journey in St. Sahag St. Mesrob Armenian Saturday School. Often I would complain that I don’t want to go to school on a Saturday, but my parents always said, no you are going, so I ended up going anyway. The bus would pick me up and take me to school. It was at John Ross Robertson Public School and Forest Hill schools in Toronto. During the times when we went to church, I was last to be picked up and first to be dropped off, however if it was at the schools the bus driver would be first to pick me up before 8am and take forever to take me back home. I would get home last after 3pm in the afternoons when school would be over at 1:15. When I was in 8th Grade my brother used to drive me to and from school at John Ross Robertson Public School.. After graduating, they started to have the School at AGBU Toronto on Saturdays.
Having said all of that. I was so lucky and fortunate to have gone to Armenian school to learn the alphabet, writing, reading, history, culture, religious aspects, heritage, and being woken up every Saturday mornings. I have made lots of friends, and lots of memories in that school. I will never forget it. God Bless all the teachers, principals, and staff for giving me the valuable, and wonderful education of my Heritage and Culture and so much more, followed by an awesome trip to Hayasdan/Armenia for 20 days. The best 20 days ever.

I am ever so glad I went!