My Other Favourite Radio Station RADIO ARC

I am excited to announce that there is another radio station that I really began to love too. RADIO ARC was founded this year of 2012 and owned by my dear friends Ara and Sako. They are great people whom I have known for over 2 years and a bit more. They always have this incredible energy and love for the language of music and music is a universal language that unites everyone together. I have met many people who share the same interests as me and we have become a huge family online. I have hung out with the owners of RADIO ARC and they are a burst of energy and they really know how to have a great time and welcome everyone. They are very humble people and I am so glad to have met them. Radio ARC plays a variety of music such as Armenian, Arabic and Greek Music. I really enjoy this radio station A lot. Radio ARC Comes right from Montreal, Quebec and its from my happy place. It doesn’t matter how many Radio Stations there are, I believe that uniting people and just being part of these families are so great.

Soon, I will be making a trip to the Radio ARC Studio and visit and see the action come alive. God bless Sako and Ara and all the best to them and their Radio station. So glad to know you both and so glad to have you part of my life. Enjoy it guys and Keep it real like you do already.

Please visit — and you can visit and like RADIO ARC on Facebook.

I Hope to Meet My Brothers and Sisters of RADIO AGA Soon…

In Early 2009, I joined this wonderful website and Radio Station Family, Called Radio AGA. AGA Stands from Armenian, Greek and Arabic, and those are the types of music this wonderful Radio Station plays. Our Founder and Brother of Radio AGA Jack Kojek, is an incredible person, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting a few times since then. He is a vibrant, energetic, and wonderful person and I wish him continued success with everything he does.

I have met many of my brothers and sisters of RADIO AGA, but I have yet to meet so many others from parts of US, Canada, Europe and all other places. Too many to mention. We have established a community to chat with each other on the wall on the Facebook page with over 7,000 members. Recently, I have not been able to be as active as I have been on the discussions, but I try to get on there as much as I am able to. I love my Radio AGA Family and I do not want them to think that I have forgotten about them, which I certainly have not. They are beautiful people I have spoken with online and we have become great friends. I am hoping to one day cross paths with them and meet each other face to face to create more memories. It is very awesome to meet people you speak to for a long time and actually meet them. Its an emotional moment. I had that last summer when I visited Montreal for a Summer Fest party. It was a special moment that I will never forget.

Radio AGA has become an important and integral part of my life. When I thought I didn’t have friends, they definitely made a big difference in my life, gave me so much hope, faith, love, and thats how I have become more positive and optimistic about life. I have so much to be thanful for, God works in Mysterious ways to get me to people whom I call My brothers and sisters.

I know probably some of you will not understand Armenian, Greek and Arabic music, but if you like to join our family on RADIO AGA and tune in to listen to the beats, and rythyms, feel free to do so. You will automatically be part of our Family in our RADIO Community. All are welcome.

Go to Like Facebook Page: RADIO AGA