Canadian Youth Mission To Armenia – CYMA 2013

I am delighted and glad to announce the return of the 2013 CYMA Mission to Armenia once again. Since 1993 during the summer months, the Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia participants have traveled on a memorable journey to Armenia to assist in rebuilding villages, facilities, churches, and provide aid to Armenia. Annually this mission is very important to provide humanitarian work, binding youth to their homeland Armenia, and dedicated to assisting the children of Armenia. CYMA is part of the project by the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Canada. This years mission to Armenia will be to renovate a school in the Geghadir village. In addition to renovating the school a children’s workshop, distribution of humanitarian aid, and local community visitations will also take place in the village.

The main purpose of the Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia is to experience a fulfilling journey, to learn, and participants will experience something totally different to live with local families to develop and strengthen the emotional and spiritual bond between Armenian youth, as well as Canada and Armenia. This years Journey to Armenia will be from July 8, 2013 until August 8th, 2013. For 4 weeks, Youth will not only be rebuilding the school in Geghadir Village, they will always go on excursions to visit Historical Landmarks of Armenia, visiting churches, museums, and visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial in Yerevan, Armenia. which is the Country’s Capital, also visiting St Etchmiadzin which is the First church ever built, among going to Lake Sevan and having a swim, recreational time, experiencing tasting Armenian food, the night life, day life, and among spending time with each other who will be participating, creating everlasting friendships, and returning back home with a new perspective on life, to be nurtured, educated, getting out in the world to see new things, to develop a whole new outlook on life, to spread the word on what they learned, what they experienced, and what it meant for each person to be there, and so much more.

CYMA has always been and will always be dedicated to its mission, and for many years to come.

CYMA is open to anyone over the age of 17, as of July 1st, 2013 and anybody can participate in this beautiful journey to the homeland motherland Armenia.


The cost of the trip including airfare, food, transportation, excursion and accommodation

will be $2,800  $300 non refundable deposit by April 15 ($500 by May 1).

Second Payment: By June 1,  $1,700.

Final Payment: By June 19, $ 975


Canadian Youth Mission to Armenia LEGACY

1993 Built a school in Ararat
1994 Renovated a seminary and an adjacent church in Harich
1995 Renovated “Nor Tbrots” school in Ararat
1996 Renovated “Megheti” children’s day campus in Dilijan
1997 Day Camp for 200 orphans in Dzaghgatsor
1998 Renovated Khor Virab & conducted day camps in Ararat
1999 Renovated Dzaghgatsor orphanage
2000 Renovated school in Aradashen
2001 Youth Pilgrimage commemorating 1700th Anniversary of Christianity
2002 Continued renovations of school in Aradashen
2003 Renovation of a kindergarten in Taleen
2004 Many Hands, One Heart! Saghmosavank
2005 Building our Future! Renovation of Christian Education Center in Armavir
2006 Renovation of a kindergarten in the village of Aradashen.
2007 Extend Your Hand Expend Your Family: Renovation of St. Nshan Church in Armavir
2008 Oshagan Village
2009 Oshagan Village
2010 Geghadir Village Renovation of the Village  school.

2012 Geghadir Village continuing the Renovation of the School.

You can gain more information from Deacon Ivan Gyadayan or Bedros Kokorian from Toronto and Montreal Parishes. Flight will be from Montreal, Quebec.

For more information please call:

Deacon Ivan, Montreal  514-549-0416.


615, Stuart Outremont, Qc, Canada H2V 3H2

Bedros Kokorian, Toronto 416-804-4763


Holy Trinity Armenian Apostolic Church

920 Progress Ave, Scarborough, Ont. Canada M1G 3T5


Thank you, and we hope you will join CYMA 2013 for a rewarding and beautiful experience to take on with you for life.

The Year Is Flying By So Quickly – Live Life To The Fullest Extent

This morning I woke up, and the first thing came to my mind was how fast this year rolling by. We have 4 and a half months left until 2013. Can you believe it? We are already almost in the middle of August. That is so crazy. I remember when we just celebrated the new year and now were almost back to school and everything else. I can’t believe how fast the years are flying by. I always say to live life to the fullest extent and always make each day count in your life. You never know when it is your time, so you must always cherish the time you have on earth, because it is only a limited time. My parents always said that when you are young you must always work hard in everything, so that when you grow up and get to a certain age in your life, you will have an easy life later. If you slack off and don’t work hard you will have a hard life later with many complications. They are so right about that because in life we will always encounter the easy times and hard times and in between. Life is really how you make it, and how you portray yourself. Your name and your legacy are one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Make a great name out of you.

I believe that life is a special gift given to us by God and our parents. I could see some people around me who are having babies and I could see the struggle they go through to raise children and to feed them, nurture them, clean them, take care of them, love them and teach them the right things early. It isn’t easy to be parents at all. It is one of the toughest jobs out there, but don’t let that deter you from having children of your own. They are a blessing to have and it changes the home, and life for families and its a beautiful thing to hear the voice of a baby and the laughter of a baby. It is so sweet and precious. I know as they grow and become toddlers, kids, children, teenagers and adults, they will go through phases and that is the evolution of life. Were only a little creature in our mom’s tummy and we grow and grow.

I always thank my parents for giving me life and raising me and being where I am today 27 years later. Although I have had a rough childhood with people bullying me, and with people terrorizing me, but that didn’t stop me from living my life, and that didn’t stop me from being me. I believe strongly in living life to the fullest and the heck with people whom bring me down and who bring my dreams down and think that I cannot do anything, because I have made people bite their tongue and not talk so big and it backfired on many people. They think they can always bring me down and dictate me and control me, but they can never control me. I am an adult now, and I can make my own decisions. Life is beautiful. It is all in the way you look at it. I love my life now and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world.

So live your life, be happy, and don’t take everything so seriously. There is a time for everything. So live a little.