Almost Time To Go! I am So Happy

I just can’t believe how time is flying by so quick. We booked the trips around 3-4 months ago and I cannot believe how quickly it is approaching. in less than a couple of weeks, I’ll be enjoying my travels again, going through airports, going through all that. I love it a lot. Traveling has taught me a lot about life, about exploring different places in the world and gaining experience to last a lifetime and where I can share my stories with other people and just go with the flow. I don’t know who I will meet this time when I travel, I don’t know what is going to happen this time, but I am excited with the new adventures and everything else. I have started to pack and put stuff away already to the side, I finished all my shopping, I bought some nice new shoes, some outfits, and travel gear. Now I am just waiting for the big day. Next week is a week full of pampering and getting eyebrows done, doing last minute details, then off I go. I am not good with being patient when it comes to traveling. I am always counting the days, and I am always on edge saying when is it going to happen? Now that the time is approaching, I can relax a little, enjoy the packing, and utilize this time to prepare and to start filling that suitcase. That suitcase has been all over the place. If a Suitcase could talk, it would say a whole lot of stuff lol. Anyway, I have a busy day today, but I wish you all the best and have a great day and if your traveling too, I wish you safe travels, and all the best.