Don’t Make Promises You Cannot Keep

Lately, I have had a strain of bad luck when someone promises me something and they don’t follow through with them. It is very sad to see this happening quite more often now. Promises should be kept and if you cannot fulfill a promise, either explain why you cannot follow through them or give someone a valid reason. It is not a good trait to develop at all. This past weekend, I will not name any names, but when I was visiting Montreal after 7 Months of not being there, I had received numerous text messages from people who I thought were my dear friends that told me straight up, that they will come and see me and hang out with me for a while, someone said, we wouldn’t miss it for the world, we cannot wait to see you an hour or two prior to our meeting time, and the time came, and I got stood up by those people and they would not even text me back and have the common courtesy to explain to me why they didn’t show up and they never even budged to come and see me after so long. They knew way in advanced that I was coming about 3-4 weeks before, then I reminded them a few days before and all I would hear is, we cannot wait to see you, Anyway, I even texted them and to see where they are and nothing came about. These acts really show peoples true colours. People who do that are not true friends, and people who don’t give time for you even if it was for 2 hours are not real friends. I know that people get busy and I know life is really different now with people having priorities and stuff, but you cant make promises you cannot keep nonetheless. Peoples emotions and peoples feelings are not a joke, you cannot just go about ruining a persons mood with breaking promises and not even apologizing for them.

This is my 2nd day back and I have yet to hear from them and to hear their apology. It is not right at all to go through this. I am just tired of people not appreciating me, and leaving me out in things. It really got to me and given with so much sadness and the battles I have had to face with people bullying me, tormenting me, and emotionally abusing me in school when I was growing up, really does a number on me and these things like breaking promises to me and not showing up to see me really hit me hard and I just cried so much inside and I didn’t want to show it to my 3 friends who came and saw me Sunday Morning in Montreal and I am ever so grateful they came out and saw me. I cannot believe some people have the audacity to do these things, in general I hope people never have to go through these problems, I hope people will never have to endure this. It really did an emotional scar on me. We were driving back on the Highway 401 west and I was going through so much in my brain, and I did not want to share it with anyone in the car with me, so I just kept it in and I know that I wrote in one of my blogs not to keep anything bottled up inside, but this time I don’t know I just couldn’t speak up, because I was just too hurt to even speak that much and I will never forget that. I just don’t want anymore part time people in my life, it is either your with me full time and to appreciate me, or your out of my life. I am just so tired of peoples broken promises. When is it going to stop?