Another Vacation Is Greatly Needed As Soon As Possible

I can’t even begin to describe how much in need of a vacation I need. I need to fly away somewhere again and relax. Its been a crazy couple of months with just going and going and not stopping. I need to get away, unwind and relax somewhere and not think about anything and just have my time with nature and just look at the sea. I am thinking of going to Cuba again. This would be my 11th trip there. I love Cuba a lot. I made so many friends in the villages there. I was there in February in Varadero, but I am thinking of going back there to hang out with them and just be at the hotel and relax, go to the beach, have my week of paradise without any disturbance. I am so happy I love traveling so much. Its one of my great things I love to do in my life. I cannot stay in my city for long periods of time. I need to keep going. Even if its for 2-3 days. Its still something. I just need to get away.

My stress level is at an all time high, my body is tired. I need this time to go… I am thinking of going on the phone with my travel agent, and just booking a ticket to go. Somewhere last minute and just go go go. I love Airplanes, I love the whole travel experience.