Android VS. Apple — The difference. – In My opinion

Do not take offense to it if you are heavily into iPhone, but it is just what I have noticed. I began to dissect the difference between the two. So far Android is the winner.

~~ Android ~~

With Android phones, you can save photos, videos and files right to your computer backing it up easily with just hooking up your USB cable. You do not have to use iCloud or iTunes and always rely on them to always back up your contacts too. you have many more options of looking for apps and androids are more convenient to use and you have more options of buying different types of phones such as the Samsung, LG, HTC, Nexus, Also, to charge the battery you have options of using different types of charging ends on phones and cost less. I prefer android more than Apple in my opinion.

~~ Apple ~~

You must always use Apple products, downloading iTunes, iCloud, to always back up your photos, videos, music and other things. You cannot just directly hook up the USB to your computer and directly put the items in your documents. You are limited with the apps for apple. It is a lot more complicated to maneuver around the app, and they only have one type of charger. The ending of the chargers are a lot more flimsy and have to replace it often. Plus apple products are so much more costly. If you do not have Apple Care, then you are pretty much going to dig into your pocket a lot more. Also with that you have more of a chance to lose your contact information and photos if you make one small wrong move. Sorry, Siri

I am sticking to Android and will always be a loyal user. A lot better and easier to manage without all the sophisticated stuff, without hassle.

How Dependent The Internet Has Become In Our Lives

Since 1997 when I joined the world of the internet, all I had was dial up for about a year and a half to 2 years until cable internet was introduced. I have learned so much since then on how to operate a computer and getting on the internet, doing searches on my favourite stuff, and e-mailing my family from all over the place and just having a great time. I have realized how dependent the internet has become in my life. It is a lifeline to communicate with friends, family, sharing pictures and videos together and among so many things. I love the internet, but I don’t let it control my life. Living life outdoors and socially is far better, but when communicating with friends and family from out of town, it is one beautiful tool with searching anything and everything you want. It is all on how you use it and utilize your time of course in a safe way. It has been a vital part of my life, but not to the extremes and excessively.

This is a true story that has happened to me a few times in the last few years. I must admit that when my internet goes down at home and when I cannot connect to my wireless or anything, I feel like I am cut out from the world and left out, it is one of the worst things I see on my computer internet icon with the bars. I do anything and everything to get the internet back, and I even go to extreme measures and call up the internet provider and He/she tells me to press the reset button and its back to normal again. I was so relieved. That is one thing I fear not being able to connect to friends and family online. I end up twiddling my thumbs and fingers, and then I end up forcing the internet to come back on and it does within the few minutes. I realized how important the internet is and I just go crazy when its not working. Using it wisely and smart is very important too. Don’t put all your time into the internet. It can be a health problem and so much more. Limiting yourself and setting up time limits is the way to go. A few years back I would not get off of it, and I would be yelled at for doing so, but nowadays for the past 3-4 years I made some drastic changes and it was actually a big accomplishment and I am so happy about that. It has changed my life big time. I get all my news instantly, specials and deals come to my e-mail, everything incredible.

Have you been dependent on the internet? Has it changed your life in a way?  Would love to hear from you.

Life is too short. You never know what happens from one minute to the next.

Lately, I have realized that life is too short and you never know what happens from one minute to the next and I always say to my family, my friends that it is very important to keep on communicating with loved ones as much as possible, enjoy, cherish moments with people whom are part of your lives because you never know, the next day those moments to cherish with that person will no longer be. Life has so many surprises, twists, turns, obstacles, ups, downs, which is why I always say.

I always bring up the materialism subject, because not everything is about materialism in life. We can always replace items, and everything, but we can never replace our loved ones and people in our lives who have passed on and we can never replace the memories we have had with them as it will always be part of us in our lifes journey. We must always remember the good times we have with people, cherish, keep in touch as much as possible because you are here today, but gone tomorrow or your here in the morning, gone at night. Life is unpredictable and we never know what it brings us, which is why I say, enjoy life, take everything lightly, and some people always hate on others and do terrible things. I mean what for? Were all on this earth, lets live and let live and have peace and harmony in this world where we can one day tolerate each other and stop the fighting, bickering, and all these terrible things people do.

This year of 2012, has been a really terrible year so far after losing 3 of my relatives, and all of them were so special to me and all I have of them now are memories that will live on with me forever. Never stop saying I love you to loved ones, never stop saying thank you to them, and always appreciate who they are and the time spent together. Rekindle bonds that have been broken, talk about problems you have with others, solve them or else sometimes when problems are not solved we often regret it and sometimes its too late to say I am sorry. I am saying that you never know how long we have in this world and we have limited time, so we must enjoy and forget about things that don’t really matter and focus our energy on the people.

My Condolences to those who have lost loved ones. It is not easy, but always know I am here to give you a virtual hug, virtual shoulder to lean on and I am here to listen because people are important to me and they are my NUMBER ONE!

Peace and Love to all.