I Am In Love With My KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Since I got my KitchenAid Stand Mixer life has gotten so much simpler with cooking and baking different types of food, and My hands don’t get tired anymore with mixing with a whisk and a hand held food mixer. Now my kitchenaid stand mixer does all the work and it is so beautiful. I have a flashy white one and its an ultra power plus one. Very good quality. Well, even if its an Artisan, Classic, Professional, all of them do a great job in mixing the batter or mixture well. I make all sorts of things into it. I love the wire whip, kneading dough, and all the accessories. my next purchase is going to be the pasta maker accessory and the other ones. Anything else in the kitchen doesn’t quite add up to the kitchenaid stand mixer. Can’t believe all the colours it comes with now. I have seen it at the stores and there is Pink, Orange, Copper Orange, Black, Red, Purple, Tangerine Orange, White, and you can even customize your own kitchen aid stand mixer if you special order it, but why do that when you can buy it at the store instantly right? LOL.. But it all depends on what your preference is, but I love my baby and it is so beautiful. Each household, should have one of these. It is a great tool in the kitchen. If you have one, I am sure you can relate to me and the passion you have for it. I even kiss mine after I use it for good luck for the next time I use it. I love it so much. These kitchenaid mixers are not cheap either. They happen to be a lot of money if they are not on sale. Some are over 500 bucks, some are over 700 bucks, but if you get it on sale its like 250, 300 bucks, but then again they do run expensive because of the high quality and the way it is made. So I can for sure relate as to why it is expensive. This baby is gorgeous. I will be using it today to make my cake. 🙂 I have a lot of things to do today. I will be cooking and baking this week so it will be ready for Christmas. I can’t wait to use it today. I use this baby at least 3 times a week. If you need tips and tricks on how to work it and what speed, just let me know. Depends on what you make.

This would be a great purchase or a gift to your loved ones or someone very special who loves cooking in your family. They would love it. 🙂

Enjoy and have a great Christmas and Happy New Year almost.


Another Kitchen Gadget To Add To My List

I am so happy with my new kitchen gadget. I have been looking everywhere for this one and I finally found one that is a good size. It is called “The Big Boss, Ice Cream Maker”. I am loving it. I made Chocolate Ice Cream from Scratch. I do not want to get store bought ice cream anymore. I would rather make it at home so I know what I am putting into my ice cream without all those added preservatives and chemicals they use to make the ice cream in the factory machines. Now I make it on my own with my own ingredients, and I am so happy with it. It came with a recipe book too. You can make frozen drinks, ice cream, sherbet, sorbet’s, and so much more in the terms of frozen goods. Now with ice cream makers you have to really read and follow the instructions before you use it. Any improper use or handling, it will get ruined. Ice cream makers aren’t cheap. Unless it comes on sale, then you get it, but its good to get the bigger sizes. The small ice cream makers, you can’t really put anything in there.

Anyway, I am so happy about my ice cream maker. I am going to make another one soon.