Missing Jay Leno & His Headlines

There was a show that I used to enjoy and watch almost every night before going to bed and it was The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. I remember when he used to share Headlines everyday and the headlines were about errors in newspapers whether its a spelling issue, or a “You Had One Job” type of error and advertising that were absolutely hilarious. I used to enjoy watching it with my family and friends.

I really miss it a lot. Now that Jimmy Fallon has taken over, I was hoping that he would bring the headlines to his show with of course getting permission from Jay Leno and the show broadcaster from it. I have sent Jimmy Fallon and the crew many e-mails about getting the headlines back into The Tonight Show, but no response. I guess with all the e-mails and messages they receive on social media per day, It tends to get lost and probably never even read it yet.

I Miss Jay Leno a lot. I love Jimmy Fallon too. I just wish he could bring some of what Jay Leno’s show did to his production. I know that wouldn’t be right to take things off from another show that was there, but they should continue the tradition. Headlines was my absolute favourite and it was done in such a way, that I just laughed my head off.

I just miss it. Did you enjoy headlines too?

New York City – City That Never Sleeps

This month of October, 2014, it was my second adventure in New York City. first trip was when I was 11 years old. I didn’t remember much of it, however now as I have gotten much older, I became more observant. In the past decade, and more years before,

I always heard and seen those New York based Television shows, Talk Shows, and movies. Just to name a few like Friends, How I met your Mother, Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, The Colbert Report, Rachael Ray, NYPD Blue, CSI: NY, Regis & Kelly, Now Kelly & Michael, and so many others. as I was strolling down the streets of NYC, all those shows came to mind. Even fashion, and celebrities have come to my mind when I was there.

NYC is a beautiful city with so many people, Yellow NYC Taxi Cabs that are everywhere, FDNY, NYPD, Times Square, Rockefeller Centre, Central Park, Madison Square Gardens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Lower Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Hudson River, and so many other attractions. I know the traffic is brutal there and everything, however It is very exciting to be amongst that many people in one of the biggest cities of the world. So many trains, subways zig zagging, it looks like spaghetti on the map. Its insane, but its amazing to have great transit in such a huge city.

I was almost going to cry because everything you see on Television and online on the internet, comes to life, and you will say hey I have been there and I have seen it. It is an incredible thing. I am definitely heading back to NYC.

I did not have enough time to visit Ground Zero of which the 2 Twin Towers once stood to pay my respects to the September 11, 2001 attacks, and visiting the Statue of Liberty as well. However I plan to make another trip soon and visit both and spend more up close and personal time with the City and to thoroughly enjoy it more with of course a lot more time. I was just there for a quick visit for 2-3 days.

Frank Sinatra was definitely right. I have been listening to Frank Sinatra even before leaving to New York, and his song New York, New York has been stuck in my head. He says in his song that “it is a city that doesn’t sleep” which is was spot on. I love those lyrics of that song. I felt like Frankie was with me in the streets of New York. Next time I am going to listen to that song when I am there.

If you have never been there. It is good to visit, at least once, twice maybe 3 times or however many times as you wish. Start Spreading the news! 🙂 I want to be a part of it, its up to you, NEW YORK, NEW YORK!

Thanks For All the Fun & Laughs Jay Leno – I Will Miss You

Jay Leno what can I say? last night during the final taping and all this week, I am sure the emotions were running high at the Final Show of The Tonight Show. 22 years have come and gone with celebrities, politicians, awesome surprises, what a beautiful last show. As I hold back my tears, I can truly say that Jay Leno you made my mother and I laugh so hard with your awesome monologues, the headlines, Jaywalking, 99cent dollar store items, Jays funny  pumpcasting, coulda woulda shoulda, the most wonderful time of the year, and everything else in between. You began your show with Billy Crystal, and ending with Billy Crystal on your show along with the touching music of Garth Brooks. With all the tributes from the stars that came on the show tonight like Carol Burnett, Kim Kardashian, Oprah, Matt Damon, Bill Maher, etc… along with your final touching, heartfelt, beautiful speech really did it for me. I cried up a storm, I had a box of tissues handy. I definitely needed it. Jay the thing I liked the most, was that you really love your fans, and you made sure that your show was entertaining as possible and made everybody laugh, and have fun which did for me.

I stood up mainly because of your show, your headlines and everything else with Kevin Eubanks, Rickey Minor and the bands. As Mondays approached, I could not wait to watch your funny headlines among other things. Jay Leno I will miss you immensely and very much. Enjoy your time off and always know that I will always remember your show and I will always support, admire, love and respect you even when your off the air. Thanks for everything. I wish that somehow I could have been on your show and you would interview me. It was my dream to get on your show, it was a dream of mine to get to go see a live taping of your show as well, but that did not pan out and work out the way I wanted to.

Having talk shows, and the whole operations of it is extremely difficult, with getting stars on the show, the scheduling, the daily monologues, the designers, administrative work, getting the rights, set designers, getting celebrities on the show, politicians, as well as the studio use. It take a lot of time, energy, money and everything to make a show successful and 22 years is a long time for a show and Jay Leno was one of my favorites. I cannot believe it is the end of an era, Thanks for all the fun and laughs Jay Leno. I will miss you.

Now that Jay has passed the torch onto Jimmy Fallon, I would like to give a warm welcome to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon another person I truly adore, love and respect. Jimmy Fallon makes me laugh so hard as much as Jay Leno did. Best wishes to Jimmy and I look forward to his Tonight show. God bless you Jimmy Fallon on your journey and Jay, I would love to see your cars one day and meet you of course if I get lucky and come to Los Angeles for a visit. If I get an invite that is. lol. Thanks Jay and welcome Jimmy!

A Wonderful Dream – It Was Fabulous – Was on The Late Show Jimmy Fallon

Last night and lately I have been having re-occurring dreams after I fall asleep and last night was just so interesting. I just did not want to wake up, it was so good and awesome. You know how sometimes you don’t want to wake up because a dream is just so fabulous and you don’t want to stop having that dream? Last night did it for me. It was so amazing and fabulous. I had this dream that I was flown to New York City to be part of and be on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and we were discussing my upcoming documentary and then a movie that I will be part of, and acting with Matt Damon in a movie. It was so awesome. So then I was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon and he and I got along so well and we became great friends. So I had flown back to Canada, and a few months later Jimmy had called me and asked me to be on his show again and this time about other things and just coming by to talk about stuff about my upcoming projects and also being a guest star on Hawaii 5-0, then being on The Big Bang Theory too. So That was aired on Television.

As I was heading back to the Airport and I was heading towards my gate to get back to Canada, several people stopped me at the airport and recognized my face and said, Hey you’re Talin the woman who was on Late Night show with Jimmy Fallon and I said, yes that is me, and so then they stopped to take pictures with me, and ended up putting it on twitter and Facebook instantly and I got to keep the pictures. As soon as I had gone to my gate, even some of the workers at the airport recognized me. So I was on TMZ, and in the people, and entertainment magazines shortly after. Then after boarding my flight, coming back to Canada, I was landing at the airport and I had claimed my baggage at the baggage claim and as soon as I was coming out, other recognized me and until I went to my vehicle after being picked up, people were getting my autographs and I was being photographed with fans. It was an amazing dream and then as I went on Jimmy Fallon’s Show, I was on so many talk shows after and I started traveling more on planes heading to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City and so many more places to do talk shows.

I just did not want to wake up from my dream. It was going so well. In reality I am a fan of Jimmy Fallon and his show. He does interesting things and I started liking him from Saturday Night Live and among his movies he has done. a Couple of my friends met him while at the Chicago Airport and they said, Jimmy is just one of the coolest guys they have met. He is so nice and very personable in person and hes a very chill and incredible person. I keep on having these dreams lately about being on these talk shows. It is crazy. Does it mean it is going to happen? Is there a meaning to all this? Because it is starting to really get to me and happily. I keep waking up with a smile. These dreams just keep on happening without my control. It feels incredible. What do you think it means always being in the spot light? What do you think about what it is? I don’t know, but it would be amazing if it really happens. I would be on cloud nine.

What dreams have you had? Have they come true? Do you have dreams that almost always come out? Would love to hear about them. Wishing you the best.

My Dreams & Aspiration To Become A Host On A TV Talk Show

In the past couple of weeks, when I fall asleep at nights, I have recurring dreams about being a talk show host and having my own show on television. It has been happening quite frequently. I spoke about my dreams that I have had to a few friends of mine who attend the bible study I attend to and to my group of friends and some of my family members, and they said to me, Talin you would make a great talk show host and you would definitely be a great asset to television and to the society of television viewers. I kept having these dreams where I flew to LA (Los Angeles) and New York City and I got introduced to many directors, editors, and people who work for show biz such as Jimmy Fallon, Anderson Cooper, The Talk, Rachael Ray, Jay Leno. I also Saw Ellen DeGeneres in My dream and she said to me, I am going to help you get your own talk show going, and she said that she will show me the ropes to it all. After thanking her so many times, she got me on her talk show, and she introduced me to her audience and she said, we have an aspiring and beautiful writer and one who wants to make a difference in this world. I got very excited, and in my dream I found my own place in LA in Hollywood Hills or Beverly hills and I automatically begun my quest to my talk show.

It was called the Talin Show and the show is about introducing ordinary, simple people who’s blogs inspire the world and introducing to the world many different people of all races, cultures, beliefs on issues in our world, social issues, important issues that need addressing, not just the typical relationship advice, celebrity gossip, but real issues that are targeting the world with bullies, and among so many things and I had specials of celebrities also coming on the show. It was quite interesting to say the least. When The dreams kept happening, and all types of them. One night I had this dream that I was nominated and won daytime Emmy, and Peoples Choice Award, and 2 nights after I had this dream, I was on the red carpet with many TV Entertainment Reporter personalities interviewing me, and I would see my billboard on so many highways/freeways across LA and other states and countries.

After all that happened, I had dreams about making special appearances on shows such as The Big Bang Theory, CSI Shows, Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-0, How I met Your Mother, Mike and Molly, Two and A half men. After all that happened, Soap Operas such as Days of Our Lives and Young and The Restless called me to do walk on roles and small role plays in the shows temporary, then I went back to to my show. I keep on having these recurring dreams and I think this is my calling, this is my queue that it will happen someday for me. I truly believe in it. In the past a lot of dreams I have had, come true. Not right away but, they come true within a short time frame. This time I don’t know, its become crazy. Having the same type of genre dreams. I did not want to wake up in any of them. It kept going on all night. I think I found my calling and I am going to go for my dreams and aspirations.

Ladies and Gentlemen who are reading this, it is not about becoming famous, it is not about gaining status or anything of that sort but its about me getting into the world, making a difference in peoples lives and becoming a talk show host on television to not only touch the community around me, but to a lot of people around the world, I want to be able to talk to many people, I want to be someone who helps people find comfort, happiness, positivity, and find a place in this earth without being bullied and made fun of. I want to get people on my show who have been bullied, I want to get people who have trouble with socializing, I want to help people who need it. Some have asked me why I need to be on television, Why I need to get on the screens of millions of people, it is because of what I have stated above, it is because I want to do it, its because my dreams at night and my heart tell me so. I want to do it because I am passionate about it, and these dreams are happening for a reason and everything happens for a reason. I do not know how or what or why they happen, but I believe that God has a path and plan for each and everyone of us, and this is my path.

It will take a lot of hard work, determination, and finding the right people, but I am up for the challenge, and I will persevere and do my best to attain my goals, and dreams and get going to a future that I am looking forward to. Thank you to my loved ones, supporters, fans who believe in me. Without you all, I wouldn’t be able to go forward. I wouldn’t be where I am today and those dreams I have while I sleep, I plan on making them a reality and not just write and talk about it.

Thank you!