Jealousy Defined

For many years now we always hear the world Jealous, Jealousy. Jealousy is not a good trait to develop. Jealousy and that bond you once had can ruin friendships, relationships, and so much more. It is unbelievable what jealousy can do taint a persons reputation and so much more. Unfortunately there will always be jealous people out there and we cannot do anything about it. It is something that has been around for so many decades. When people start getting jealous of the other person, they do everything in their power to eliminate that persons happiness, and good nature. He or she will not stop until damage has been done. Here are a few scenarios on a person who can be jealous:

– Someone who has a golden heart, who has so many friends and supporters in life When a Jealous person who does not have all those.

– Someone who is established well at work and who is well off in life when a jealous person is not.

– Someone who doesn’t miss all the action going on and who is always there in everything, when a jealous person does not and cannot go to all of them.

– Someone who can cook and clean very well, when a jealous person cannot.

There are so many ways a person can be jealous. Everyone is not the same and do not think the same way, and some people are always out to hurt others, and to get others out there. Even if it means to destroy that person. There are people out there who are so jealous, that they take things to extreme measures, and break laws, threaten that person, and do the worst, attempting to kill that person, that there is something that extremely jealous people would do and would be capable of doing. It is unbelievable how terrible it is.

Now, sometimes Jealousy can be good by being jealous on good things, like seeing someone who has good shape, who is fit, and we look at them and say I am jealous of that persons body, maybe I should start taking care of my own body and do the same so I can look and feel healthy the way that person is, and so that I can start fitting into nice outfits and stuff. I think that sort of jealousy is fine, but do not let that jealousy get to you and do things that you would regret later in life, but I feel that we should be comfortable in our own skin and we shouldn’t let Jealousy control us, empower us and take over our lives or else a lot of problems will arise and we won’t know what would hit us.

Just be mindful and take it easy. It can save all the hassle in the long run. Be who you are and leave jealousy at the door.