The Days Are Getting Closer To My Travels – I Am So Excited

I cannot believe how quick the days are approaching to my travels to California and Las Vegas. It will be my first time in both places. I cannot wait until I see Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas and Welcome to California.  I will be visiting Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon as well. Since were right there. All those Western, and all those other types of movies on the desert will be on my mind as I travel from Vegas to California,to name a few such as the Griswolds of National Lampoons Vegas Trip, or those movies where they would be on the desert. Traveling is a big deal in my life and I love to see so many places. I’d like to give a big recognition and thank you to my father for getting me on the way and seeing the world. I have to thank him very much. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be going to half the places, I would be going to all my life. Traveling is precious to me. I love going to different places in the world and getting out of my city.

You know when some people say when I retire, I will travel, but sometimes when people retire, they start having pains in their body and then won’t be able to travel anymore. My dad always says, go live life to the fullest, your not going to take anything with you. Might as well as invest that money and go away and travel, and enjoy, see the world, You come with nothing and go with nothing. Yes although saving money is important on a rainy day and if something happens or whatever, but if your the type that likes to travel, do it. and go for it.

I love knowing and experiencing different places. I know there is the internet and encyclopedia’s to learn about different countries and such, but it is a lot different when you go there physically and experience it up close and personal. I am so fortunate like I said for my father to have taken me to all these places, and when he sent me to Armenia with my grade 8 Armenian School Graduating class. I was 14 years old when I went to Armenia the first time in summer of 1999. I saw my Armenia Motherland and that was ultimately one of the most beautiful trips I had gone to with touring Paris, France first before getting on the plane to Armenia.

Well, Anyway, I am super excited! Counting down the days. 🙂

There are Firsts For Everything. I am so Happy!

I am so excited to be quiet about this. You know the saying there are firsts for everything in this life and I am so happy that I can shout from the rooftops. So recently, My travel adventures got a tad little more exciting and I will be traveling once more this year to two places I have never gone before. Maybe even more traveling this year too, who knows where life goes or how this year goes, but God Willing by then, but I am excited to be traveling to California and Las Vegas. Two places that I would love to go to one day and It is finally coming true. I had always wanted to go to those places and now I finally am. In My Life Travel and I go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. I am not going to Vegas to gamble and go into the Casino’s. I am going there to visit the hotels, walk around and enjoy the true essence of Las Vegas and not be cramped up in noisy Casinos. I will walk through them, but I will not play in them as Slot Machines and the whole Gambling had never interested me. When I go to Casinos, I just like to go for the ambience, and just have a little time to see different places. I cannot wait until I get on the Airplane again this year. I cannot wait to visit California where a lot of my family and my friends are and God WIlling I will see them all in the time I have there.

I am just so incredibly excited and I don’t know how I will wait for many months until then, but I am just jumping for joy. There is a chance that I may head to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam as well. They are places I would like to see too. I have never gone anywhere West except for when I traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2005 with my Armenian Church Youth Group when we had a Sports Weekend, and we spent about 5-6 days there. It was so lovely and I got to meet the Actress Amanda Bynes at the Vancouver Aquarium. She was on break doing the movie She’s the man, and I got talking to her for about 10 to 15 minutes. I didn’t know she would be there, but We literally bumped into each other on our arms and I look up and It was her. I could not believe it and I apologized so many times but she said oh its ok, don’t worry about it, and then we just started to chat it up and we had the most interesting conversations, then she had to leave to go back on the set, but wow, it was such a wonderful moment I had with her. So we have a picture together too, but I wish we took a few more pictures together. One picture wasn’t enough. LOL So, Now again I will travel to the West and this time South from there.

So Happy! I am just jumping for joy!