Traveling To Boston Soon – Another Destination To Add To My List

I am excited to announce today, that my travel destinations have furthered and soon I will be heading to Boston. I have always wanted to go there, and now I have more reasons to do so. Recently I met some of my facebook friends in my town and they are so sweet and lovely. I am going to make an effort to fly to Boston to see my lovely people within the next few months. I want to see the Cheers bar, just like the TV show back in the day and just enjoy Boston with my lovely friends there. I am really going there not so much the scenery and stuff, but to go spend time with my sweethearts there. I will be doing this more often traveling to cities where I will meet facebook friends, I have been talking to for 2-3 years now. I am going to make it a goal to go to Lebanon, Armenia again, and places where my sweet facebook friends are from. I began to do a lot of research on Boston so I can familiarize myself with the city and towns around, so that when I go there, It won’t feel like such a surprise with everything there. I love internet technology, you can find out anything you want and its something so special to me. Well, Boston, Talin is coming soon. I do not know the dates exactly, but I plan to go for 5-6 days or a week. Depending on my friends schedules and among everything else. I have just been so lucky meeting 3 of my facebook friends all within a 2-3 week radius. It is so fabulous and it made me feel great to see them.

Well, to my Boston lovely’s, Talin’s coming for you 🙂 — I can’t wait to make wonderful memories and spend time with beautiful people in my life. God bless them all. They are always with me in my heart, soul and mind. Until we meet again. I love you all with all my heart, mind and soul. All the best with Good health, and happiness always. ❤

My Heart Feels Heavy Today – I am So Emotional

Today has been a really tough day where my emotions are on a roller coaster. You know how you get that feeling when you meet your sweet online friends face to face and then eventually have to go on separate ways? Well, today its become a hard battle for me. I just love them so much, and they mean the world to me. They are like my sisters and have become part of my family in a way. We have talked so much in the last 3 years and have shared incredible and beautiful moments together which I will not forget. On my birthday last year, on this station called Radio AGA, They had my number and so they called me on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday and I remember I had just finished driving and my phone rings. I was heading out with friends for my birthday and all of a sudden all my friends from Online say their happy birthdays to me. It was so cute! I will never forget that. among other things that have happened which are so incredible. I just can’t believe we finally met. It was like a dream. It came by and went again, but I am going to make a trip soon to go see them. I need to see them. It was so hard to let them go. Very hard. I was crying and balling my eyes out and I couldn’t control myself yesterday. I miss them so much already. I had never encountered such sweet people in my life. They have been there for me through thick and thin and in the past 3 years online, they have always helped me in situations and they have always made me smile.

I know I spoke about this topic yesterday, but today I am getting into this deeper. I truly felt how genuine my facebook friends are and how beautiful and great they are and I sensed it when we added each other from the beginning and when we made eye contact and met each other for the first time this summer and last summer, I truly felt a connection between us and it was something so special and I will never forget it. Ever for the rest of my life. Those memories will always be with me in my heart, mind and soul. I love them so much and they have become part of my family. My lovely sisters and brothers whom I will always cherish. I am going to see them soon and I am so excited, but I tell you it was a hard moment when we had to say our bye’s. God bless them and always keep them safe.

In my language in Armenian we say Jebid and that means smile, but we always respond with Siroumem which means you are loved always and that is what we say all the time, So Jebiddddd To my lovely Family of Facebook!