The Right & Wrong Way to Use Tinder – The App – Finding Your Match

Recently, I discovered a new App called Tinder to find the perfect match, and so I decided to give it a try. So as I was discovering and playing around with it for a bit, It shows Men or Women close to you and you can play around with the settings as to how many miles or kilometers you can stretch out your search, and the age bracket you want to search for. If you swipe left it will be a nope, if you swipe right it will have a green check mark and a heart on the bottom. You can even click on the X Button or the Heart Button for yes. Tinder connects to your facebook, and picks some of your likes and interests among with your pictures from Facebook. However, it will not post your real full name. Just your first name and your age, I did notice some things that were wrong about how people are using it. Here are the wrong and right ways to use Tinder.

1. 99.9% if not 100% of the time people are not going to like and will swipe left or click on the X if you do not have a profile picture, and it shows up blank. We want to see pictures maybe more than one.

2. Your Tinder profile should be 100% you – Only have pictures of yourself on your profile, Not pictures with your friends, especially for men who have pictures with a Girl, and for Girls who have pictures with a guy. Not going to happen for you. Review your photos that have been uploaded from Facebook’s generated app, delete the ones you have with your friends, and solely put up pictures of just you Alone. Nobody else. Besides your on Tinder for a reason. right?

3. Spice up your profile, describe your interests, what do you enjoy?

4. If you are currently seeing someone and are in a relationship, you should not be on Tinder. Unless the reason is you are looking for a friend who can be a match with you, but other than that, delete your profile page.

5. I know the old fashioned way is to go out in the social world to look for your match and that sometimes online matches can be something that a lot of people may not trust, but Tinder is a great app to start.

6. Do not put up fake pictures and lie in your interests. The truth always comes out. So save the hassle.

7. Posting pictures of you with a cigarette in your mouth, looking scruffy, dirty and your pants below the buttocks will not get you brownie points with the ladies or the ladies for the men vice versa. Post up presentable and great pictures. Then that will guarantee a swipe right.

8. The only way to find out if someone liked you back is when you swipe right and its a match, but if you like somebody else, and they haven’t found you yet, or they didn’t like you back, you won’t find out about it. Remember this app is 100% about matching, but don’t give up. There is that fish in the sea that wants you too.

9. start with a hello if you match with them, and say thanks for swiping right. then see where the conversations lead. Be yourself, don’t try so hard, and don’t start talking about personal things right away. Speak in general.

10. If your match starts on wanting to do the deed right away in the first conversation you have then, there is the block option. It will go into good use.

11. if you physically meet up with anybody on Tinder for the first time face to face, always a good idea to have someone come with you, and stay a little bit from the distance, but always having your eye on them or actually going up to meet that Guy or Girl. can’t be too careful.

Well, enjoy Tinder and follow these simple steps. it will guarantee you a match. If you do not have Tinder and want to upload it to your Smartphone, go to the app store in your phone and get started with it. Have fun!

Being Assertive & Choosing Friends Wisely

You know its said that you shouldn’t make the same mistake twice and sometimes learning the hard way on certain situations is the only way to learn. For some people anyway. Learning how to be assertive, learning how to differentiate between fake and real people takes quite a bit of skill and it takes time to adapt in society and the type of people who are in this world now. Unfortunately sometimes we get caught in the midst between fake and real and sometimes its really hard to detect a phony with real person. Ladies and gentlemen we shouldn’t be so adamant and eager on making friends for the sake of making friends with just anybody. Friendships and relationships take time to build and time to progress. It is finding the right people and finding suitable people is the big thing. Nowadays it takes a long time to trust people, and life isn’t the way it used to be so many years ago where you would keep your doors open, where life wasn’t as difficult and where everyone helped each other and there was something so special between people and now its so rare. Don’t give in too quickly, and don’t assume everyone is your friend, because they aren’t.

Choose your friends wisely, and only have a few friends in your life that will brighten you up, that are honest with you, that don’t take advantage of you and your good heart and soul, who will be there in good times and bad times, and only have friends that you can count with your fingers, because that is all you need. It is not a popularity contest of how many people you know, its the quality of friends you have which should matter the most. Everything else should not matter. As long as you choose and as long as you take on building friendships and relationships, but don’t rush into anything. Not everyone will be on the same page as you and not everyone will give in. So be careful and choose wisely.