Weight Loss Is Progressing Well. I am so Happy With My Results

Since Starting with working out and exercising more with my pullie, I feel so much better. I have lost 4 pounds in a week and a half. That is a miracle that came into my life which has helped me a lot with exercise and it is also good for Cardio too. I love this pullie. I feel better, and I am eating way less with good portions, a lot more veggies and fruits in my diet and and cutting back on the starches, breads and such. I am going to cook Whole Wheat pasta today with veggies. I am buying the whole wheat pastas from now on. I kept on giving up because of my lower leg calve muscles, and I have taken everyone’s suggestions into consideration and I have been eating more foods with iron, magnesium, and all other important nutrients, so that my lower leg calve muscles do not hurt anymore while I am exercising. The only fats I have in my body is my hip and tummy. Everywhere else is normal pretty much. I need to get all this off me. I am going away to Cuba in the winter time, so I need to fit in nice summer dresses, and swim suits and everything. I want my 11th time to Cuba to be great 🙂 I feel so good now, and well motivated to do it. I found the tool that doesn’t give me any pain and I am well under way to a new me, a new chapter in my life and among everything else.

I feel like My progress is going well because I have already received comments about my tummy going down and everything. I feel like I have lost about an inch already off my tummy and hips. I am on my way to a new healthy me and Going down to 135 pounds. That is all I need. I do not need to go down more than 135. I can do this 🙂 My weigh in is tomorrow. So excited.