People’s True Colours Will Always Come Out. Sooner Or Later.

Hello! I am sure that this has happened to many of us in the world in terms of finding out someone’s true colours and who a person really is. I am sure you have met so many people who don’t end up to be the same person in the end. It is a sad thing to have to experience. When you go through life with these certain issues, trust and having faith in people slowly diminishes into the air. People need to be honest from the beginning of any friendship of relationship a person starts from the beginning. The truth always comes out no matter how hard we try and hide it from people. People at first get fooled by being colour blinded and in the beginning, people do anything to get their foot into the door of a new friendship, relationship, a job placement or whatever the case maybe, but then after a while the person starts changing into someone who a person or people once thought was incredible and great to be with is now someone who is the total opposite. I am sure a lot of us go through that in life and a lot and I cannot even count how many times I myself have been in that situation.

People need to realize that the world does not revolve around one person, it revolves around everyone and the world is for everyone. Not one person. I feel like as the days go by and years go by more and more of peoples true colours are coming out more often and people need to realize that their actions, words and the approach to things have a big effect on the other person or people. You cannot always think about yourself and be selfish and be a fake person to get what you want. It is not cool to be dishonest and lie to people. Now in job placements it is extra hard to get in and review resumes because people choose to lie, and lie in interviews and everything else to just get their foot in the door and then screw up in the workplace or do something terrible to other people working. Its not a great trait to develop. If your serious about working and if you are willing to give it your all, be honest about it and don’t fool the company you work for. That is where someones true colours come out again.

Honesty is the best policy in anything. Without being honest, forward and a straight shooter, you can lose a lot of friends, you can lose out in relationships, and lose out on great jobs you can get. Think about it. Be clear in your colours, come clean about yourself in the beginning, so that people who are colour blind emotionally and mentally can see the real colours from the start. Think long and hard before you talk and before you act. There are people who can take water out of a rock and there are people who are such great judge of characters. You must watch out on how you portray yourself and how you represent yourself. Good Luck and be REAL.