Actor Robin Williams Dies at 63 – Sad News

It is with heavy heart to have to report that my childhood actor, comedian and talent Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014 in California of apparent suicide. He made everyone else laugh and entertained everyone, while he was struggling with depression and mental illness. Robin was Born on July 21, 1951. His death came as such a shock to me. I was drinking a glass of Orange juice this evening, and I almost dropped it from my hand when I saw the news. I cannot believe this happened. I cannot stop crying tonight inside and out. I have so many tears rolling down my cheeks. I just cannot stomach this. It has hit home to me very hard.

My favourite movies of Robin Williams are Good Will Hunting, Mork and Mindy, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, Robin Hood, Hook, Happy Feet, Aladdin, RV, Jack, Nine Months, Dead Poets Society, Patch Adams, and many more.

Although I never personally met or knew Robin, but I felt like I did. I have and will always be a fan of him and I will miss Robin Williams terribly and I will forget remember all the memories and his movies. I think I will run a Robin Williams movie-a-thon this week to honor and remember him. His Legacy will forever remain alive, always in our hearts, in entertainment forever. God rest his Soul.

My thoughts and prayers go out to His loved ones and the Hollywood Family, The Academy, Oscars, and Everyone whom he had touched, entertained, Sad day in Hollywood indeed. My Fellow Fans and I were devastated more than words can say. 😦 Shocking does not even begin to describe our feeling. REST IN PARADISE and in Peace Robin Williams.

Why Does Society Give The Cold Shoulder If Not Employed? Why Is That The First Question Asked?

Nowadays, Every time I go to church, or when I am out with people and I haven’t seen people in a while, the first question would be where do you work? I am honest with them and I do say I am looking for work right now, but people do not know how hard it is finding a job. I have heard that phrase before, if someone wants a job bad enough, they will get it, but sometimes that is not the case, I keep trying and trying, but its not happening, but I know one day it will. As soon as I say that, the person I talk to gives me this certain look then the cold shoulder and doesn’t even bother to continue the conversation sometimes and just goes away. I am just so tired when a person first asks you, “where do you work?” rather than other questions like what is your name? and to get to know you first before jumping into that job question, I mean yes a job is important to have, but a persons personality traits, and attitude are far more important than a person’s employment status.

Yes everyone needs an income to survive these days and a job is crucial to have for life, but not everything revolves around work, work shouldn’t overpower your life. Life is meant to be enjoyed and to be lived to fullest. I know some people have no choice in the matter, but seriously I am fed up of when people always ask that question. It is not only me in the community that is looking for work, but I look like I am the bad person who doesn’t have a job. I had some great jobs and I do have life and work experience, but I am just so tired of people telling me I have no life experience, I have no work experience. I surely do. No matter how long you work at a place, that is considered experience. I worked a place for a year, a year there, 8 months there. All these add up.

I had this amazing job in a logistics company and everyday I would go in and they would compliment me on how incredible of a job I am doing, they would tell me keep up the great work, your great at computers and communication and everything, and one day after almost finishing work, Myself and 3 other people were asked to come to the office and talk to the manager and the manager told all of us that we no longer need you, so today is your last day, we have to lay all of you off due to shortage of work. At that moment my world was shut down, and I had to drive home and I barely could. I got so discouraged and I cried for days, and I didn’t get out of my room, I had no appetite, and I was just so depressed. When I was driving home after being laid off, I was crying so heavily while driving and this person beside me saw how badly I was crying and she asked may I do something for you? Are you okay? I said I will be fine thank you, she said okay no problem, so I continued driving for another 5 minutes until I got home, I didn’t want to show that I got laid off my job so I just played it cool, then we went somewhere later that night and I just lost it. I started to cry and told my parents the news.

Since then I haven’t been able to look at the working world the same way ever. I was so discouraged and it effected me for a long time and it still is. Sometimes the people around me do not understand where I am coming from and do not understand what that did to me, and I do not make up excuses to not look for work, but on the contrary, I am looking for employment, I did not join linked in, and join employment websites for nothing. I am going crazy.

Just because someone doesn’t have a job, it doesn’t mean to give that person a cold shoulder and to forget about them. Life changes every minute. Things can happen, I don’t get it. The important thing is a persons personality and attitude, not their employment status. Sorry to say, but employment comes secondary… When your a down to earth and loving person with a good attitude, that is what should matter most. A person’s employment status of course shows independence, a source of income and everything to survive with the bills and among necessities of life, but I value a persons heart, soul and the way a person is. People need to stop asking that question. Is that important? Or is a persons personality trait and being more important? I find that a person is more important than an employment status.

Don’t get me wrong, employment is very important, but that should not be the first question asked. I am sorry to say. get to know someone first, then ask.

My First Radio Interview Experience With Was A Great Success!

On The evening of April 5th, 2012, I received a phone call to be interviewed on of Montreal/Laval. A great friend of mine who is part of the Radio station was very interested in me and what I had to say about raising awareness on bullying, and as well as The Armenian Genocide. Then I spoke about My Blog and my blog’s success, as well as My love and devotion to Montreal, Quebec and the reason behind it. It was a great hour that I spoke to Setrak who interviewed me and to his many many listeners. I received a lot of feedback afterwards from friends and family that they had tuned in and it was fantastic. Thank you to all those who listened to me and what I had to say. I also noted that the more people watch shows like Glee, Jersey Shore and reality shows and all the other shows that don’t put a great example to teenagers these days and how horrible shows they are to watch. Instead of more family oriented shows and shows that teach people great life lessons, here we are in the society we live in and all these terrible shows get approved whereas quality and great shows do not get approved. It just does not make sense to me.

I spoke about my experiences when I was bullied, How I overcame it. Everything is in the link I will post.

Then I spoke up the high rising costs of living, gas prices and everything how people are struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table and everything and that is why stress and depression is high above because people just don’t know what they will do with their earnings and the employment places some of them are terrible, and I also spoke about the high cost of the gas prices lately. Its just terrible. I am hoping people can take a breather and stop with all these unnecessary costs and they unnecessary bills people have to pay. Everything now is about money and the more the prices go up, the more people start losing their minds and do terrible things which will lead them to get into trouble. Anyway, if you missed my show and interview, Here is the link below. After a couple of songs in the beginning, my interview will start.

Some parts are Armenian, but I tried to speak it all in English so that everyone can understand….

Thank you so much Setrak for this Opportunity to speak on your radio show. I appreciate it very much and God Bless you.

Thank you and hope you all have A wonderful Easter weekend ahead.