How Dependent We Have Become Of The Internet

Just under 12 hours ago, I realized that It is crazy how dependent we are when it comes to the internet and how hooked people are. Last night Southern and Eastern Ontario, Canada Rogers Communications customers were ousted from an internet power outage that left people going haywire because the internet wasn’t working for a few hours, and a lot of people were angry, yelling, swearing and cursing, well, it depends on what you were doing online at that moment, but ladies and gentlemen, we shouldn’t dedicate our lives to the internet, there is a life out there waiting to be lived and we shouldn’t be so hooked into it, but nowadays technology has surpassed normal face to face communications, and the true essence of being together. That is the unfortunate part. Nothing beats face to face communication and togetherness. Unless your friends and family are hundreds or thousands of miles away and you want to Skype with them and talk to them and keep in touch.

Don’t let the internet take over your life. We bloggers, we social media guru’s, Web designers and all the people who are dependent on the internet, should balance life because being on the internet all day and being on the computer all day is not a great thing. Limit yourself, balance life, time management is key. A lot of people say they do not have the time of day and they say they don’t spend hours and hours online, but then again you see them online. It is a very sad situation we live in. Normal communication is at an all time low because were all in front of TV/computer/laptop/smartphones/tablets/ipad  screens and I have noticed people have speech impairment now, and do not really know what to talk to people about in person, but have an easier chance to talk to someone and come up with topics to talk about while on the internet and that makes it easy to communicate without even looking at each other. It shouldn’t be like that. People should be comfortable talking to each other face to face.

Last night was incredibly insane with all the twitter, facebook, and other social media messages read, with people going crazy because the internet is not available for a few hours. The internet power outage is a sign for people to live life, it is a sad situation and this may be a joke to some people, but it is not a joke. This is a very serious situation were all in. The internet is like a drug addiction and some people really need to butt out. As the years go by, technology has advanced so much that people do not know what to do anymore, and people are always out buying the latest gadgets and everything. I too spend time on the internet and everything, but I know my limits, and I prioritize everything in my life.  I am not saying all of us don’t prioritize, I am not saying that everyone does this. I am saying in general and I am saying to those who do. The internet is such a powerful tool for communications, research, homework, work, assignments, and the biggest information hub of the world and encyclopedia’s and books are not being sold as much. You know how great it felt when I actually opened up my diaries and looked at photos in a normal album? You know how good it was for me to open up things from my past in the boxes I have saved my precious and valuables? Its something that was a great feeling.

All I am saying is that don’t make the internet your life, and don’t be so dependent on it. That is what these carriers and communications networks wants us to do, but in the end your the one who makes the decision, but in my opinion in a unsolicited point of view, it is very important to live life outside the internet, and limit. I am not saying don’t go on the internet when you want to, but just know your limit and be within it.

How Dependent The Internet Has Become In Our Lives

Since 1997 when I joined the world of the internet, all I had was dial up for about a year and a half to 2 years until cable internet was introduced. I have learned so much since then on how to operate a computer and getting on the internet, doing searches on my favourite stuff, and e-mailing my family from all over the place and just having a great time. I have realized how dependent the internet has become in my life. It is a lifeline to communicate with friends, family, sharing pictures and videos together and among so many things. I love the internet, but I don’t let it control my life. Living life outdoors and socially is far better, but when communicating with friends and family from out of town, it is one beautiful tool with searching anything and everything you want. It is all on how you use it and utilize your time of course in a safe way. It has been a vital part of my life, but not to the extremes and excessively.

This is a true story that has happened to me a few times in the last few years. I must admit that when my internet goes down at home and when I cannot connect to my wireless or anything, I feel like I am cut out from the world and left out, it is one of the worst things I see on my computer internet icon with the bars. I do anything and everything to get the internet back, and I even go to extreme measures and call up the internet provider and He/she tells me to press the reset button and its back to normal again. I was so relieved. That is one thing I fear not being able to connect to friends and family online. I end up twiddling my thumbs and fingers, and then I end up forcing the internet to come back on and it does within the few minutes. I realized how important the internet is and I just go crazy when its not working. Using it wisely and smart is very important too. Don’t put all your time into the internet. It can be a health problem and so much more. Limiting yourself and setting up time limits is the way to go. A few years back I would not get off of it, and I would be yelled at for doing so, but nowadays for the past 3-4 years I made some drastic changes and it was actually a big accomplishment and I am so happy about that. It has changed my life big time. I get all my news instantly, specials and deals come to my e-mail, everything incredible.

Have you been dependent on the internet? Has it changed your life in a way?  Would love to hear from you.