My Dreams & Aspiration To Become A Host On A TV Talk Show

In the past couple of weeks, when I fall asleep at nights, I have recurring dreams about being a talk show host and having my own show on television. It has been happening quite frequently. I spoke about my dreams that I have had to a few friends of mine who attend the bible study I attend to and to my group of friends and some of my family members, and they said to me, Talin you would make a great talk show host and you would definitely be a great asset to television and to the society of television viewers. I kept having these dreams where I flew to LA (Los Angeles) and New York City and I got introduced to many directors, editors, and people who work for show biz such as Jimmy Fallon, Anderson Cooper, The Talk, Rachael Ray, Jay Leno. I also Saw Ellen DeGeneres in My dream and she said to me, I am going to help you get your own talk show going, and she said that she will show me the ropes to it all. After thanking her so many times, she got me on her talk show, and she introduced me to her audience and she said, we have an aspiring and beautiful writer and one who wants to make a difference in this world. I got very excited, and in my dream I found my own place in LA in Hollywood Hills or Beverly hills and I automatically begun my quest to my talk show.

It was called the Talin Show and the show is about introducing ordinary, simple people who’s blogs inspire the world and introducing to the world many different people of all races, cultures, beliefs on issues in our world, social issues, important issues that need addressing, not just the typical relationship advice, celebrity gossip, but real issues that are targeting the world with bullies, and among so many things and I had specials of celebrities also coming on the show. It was quite interesting to say the least. When The dreams kept happening, and all types of them. One night I had this dream that I was nominated and won daytime Emmy, and Peoples Choice Award, and 2 nights after I had this dream, I was on the red carpet with many TV Entertainment Reporter personalities interviewing me, and I would see my billboard on so many highways/freeways across LA and other states and countries.

After all that happened, I had dreams about making special appearances on shows such as The Big Bang Theory, CSI Shows, Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-0, How I met Your Mother, Mike and Molly, Two and A half men. After all that happened, Soap Operas such as Days of Our Lives and Young and The Restless called me to do walk on roles and small role plays in the shows temporary, then I went back to to my show. I keep on having these recurring dreams and I think this is my calling, this is my queue that it will happen someday for me. I truly believe in it. In the past a lot of dreams I have had, come true. Not right away but, they come true within a short time frame. This time I don’t know, its become crazy. Having the same type of genre dreams. I did not want to wake up in any of them. It kept going on all night. I think I found my calling and I am going to go for my dreams and aspirations.

Ladies and Gentlemen who are reading this, it is not about becoming famous, it is not about gaining status or anything of that sort but its about me getting into the world, making a difference in peoples lives and becoming a talk show host on television to not only touch the community around me, but to a lot of people around the world, I want to be able to talk to many people, I want to be someone who helps people find comfort, happiness, positivity, and find a place in this earth without being bullied and made fun of. I want to get people on my show who have been bullied, I want to get people who have trouble with socializing, I want to help people who need it. Some have asked me why I need to be on television, Why I need to get on the screens of millions of people, it is because of what I have stated above, it is because I want to do it, its because my dreams at night and my heart tell me so. I want to do it because I am passionate about it, and these dreams are happening for a reason and everything happens for a reason. I do not know how or what or why they happen, but I believe that God has a path and plan for each and everyone of us, and this is my path.

It will take a lot of hard work, determination, and finding the right people, but I am up for the challenge, and I will persevere and do my best to attain my goals, and dreams and get going to a future that I am looking forward to. Thank you to my loved ones, supporters, fans who believe in me. Without you all, I wouldn’t be able to go forward. I wouldn’t be where I am today and those dreams I have while I sleep, I plan on making them a reality and not just write and talk about it.

Thank you!