In The Heart Of The Sea – Moby Dick — Herman Melville

In The Heart of The Sea

Film Creator and Director: Ron Howard

Played by Actor Chris Hemsworth as Owen Chase.

Moby Dick – Based on the novel story.

Author: Herman Melville
Published: October 18, 1851

In my words about the movie and the true meaning behind it: 

It was a compelling movie. It tells a story, it captivates the hearts of many, the will to survive, the will to sacrifice, the will to go on, the bravery, to battle one of mother nature’s strongest most dangerous to battle the wild water, sea creatures, the violent weather, a vessel in the midst of everything, crossing paths with those who talk unrealistically to try to succeed in bringing a valuable resource in the world to the rich, so the rich become richer, where the mid and low-class work hard in dangerous and treacherous conditions to endanger themselves for the sake of doing so. The unfortunate thing is that they harm a sea creature in order to get that resource.  The sea creature is the whale. 

Most of the time it ends in tragedy and hopefully teaches the greatest lesson in life to never test mother nature’s strength and most importantly never to test what God created. It will eventually be the boomerang effect and come back to haunt you.

The vessel/sail ship that they took out to sea was named “The Essex” of Nantucket.

The survivors of the journey to the sea come back home to describe what had happened and why some of the passengers of the vessel did not survive and the ship that eventually listed, and sunk. They were embarrassed what was the end of the Essex. Of course, it was a mammoth sized whale.

Ben Whishaw plays the part of Author Herman Melville who writes the story.

A lot of lessons to be learned from this movie. If you have not seen “In The Heart Of The Sea”, I suggest you do.

All this and more.

A little bit about the Author Herman Melville:

Herman Melville was an American Novelist who also wrote poetry, short stories and one of his most popular was “In The Heart of The Sea” of Moby Dick.
He was born on August 1st, 1819 in New York City and passed away on September 28th, 1891 in New York City.

He has been influenced by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, and among many others

Time to Clean up! Time to get that ACT Together!

Today’s society that we live in has become so saturated with laziness, that some do not even know where the trash is anymore. There has been talk, that Tim Hortons paper cups will be banned due to littering the streets, alleyways, parks, on and off ramps along the highway walls, and where ever else. The point I am making is one, that is very important that all of us learn. I am not talking about those who do not litter, but those who do. As you may or may not know, this world is running out of resources for things and we do not want to jeopardize that any further and that is why we recycle material so we do not have to cut more trees in the forests and so that we dont have to spend more of our money on unnecessary things.

This is our earth and we have to take care of it. It only takes a second out of your life to find a garbage disposal or recycle bin and toss out any garbage you have instead of throwing it all over the place. GUM where do I even begin with GUM? have tissue in your pockets or purses or whatever, take it out on there, then find a garbage can and toss! Its not difficult is it?. There is hearings that the landfill sites are being over crowded, but thats besides the point. Littering can do much more harm than good. It causes pollution, the image of the city or town or wherever will look ugly and most importantly terrible for our health.

The grounds and areas are FULL of bacteria and unknown specimans that we walk on and everything. Those cups and other things that strangers mouths have touched, the amount of hands have been on that trash left everywhere with either hands that have touched blood or anything else that is not appropriate to mention. It is dangerous to our health and to prevent that we must always wash our hands well when we get into our homes and disinfect underneath our shoes and for women disinfect under your purses with either purell, alcohol, or sanitary wipes like clorox or other things.. So much bacteria can lead to health problems in the future. So please be aware of that.



Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers…

These days and the past few years, we keep hearing about tragic fatalities that are caused by distracted drivers on our roads, senseless deaths and injuries that can be averted. Talking on your cell phone, texting people, checking facebook and other social networks constantly is a no no. You do not have to be in constant communication with the world 24/7 365. Everything has its limitations. It is dangerous. You are endangering others lives, passengers in your own vehicle, and yourself. Safety while driving should be the number one priority. Go from point A to B safely and when you are parked and vehicle is shut off, then you may resume to your communication to the world.

People do not understand the dangers associated with it. Dealing with the law is something people would not want to do. Driving is a serious thing. If you do not have your 100% concentration on the road, you can really do damage, damaging families forever, loss of life, and so much more. Unfortunately this society does not understand that. Also grooming yourself, reading a book while driving, playing with Ipods, playing with gadgets, having a coffee in one hand and food in the other while steering with your knee is a no no. You can easily lose track and lose control. It is a very serious matter. Put distractions down and focus on driving.

It is that simple. Insurance premiums go up ridiculously high because of other people’s mistakes and those who have a good driving record have to pay for others mistakes. It is not fair. Insurance premiums go up due to these unfortunate matters. We can all do our part to drive safer, to focus, to take driving seriously, to better ourselves. Driving is not a joke. You are playing with your life and others lives. A vehicle is a weapon. It can do terrible damages to others. So think about it. Think about the next time you have your phone, or gagdets or something with you. Think before you act, think before you do something. It can save you all the hassle in future.