Tips to Keep your Children and Family Safe During Halloween

Tips to keep your children safe during Halloween

1. When receiving candy/chocolates from going door to door, it is advised that Children do not eat and dig into their goody bags until it is thoroughly inspected by the parents, guardian.
2. When wearing dark coloured costumes and jackets, it is advised to put Neon/Fluorescent sticker’s on them or a construction workers vest, so that it makes sure the motorists can see them.
3. Drivers, take caution and drive slowly, especially around residential areas. Well, that should be at any time of the year. 

4. Children should be careful crossing the roads, and make sure to go door to door safely. I know its an exciting night for them to receive candy and try to fill up their bags, but they need to exercise caution as I am sure the parent/guardian will keep them supervised at all times.

5. Lastly, have fun, be safe and enjoy Halloween night.

Improper Baggage Handling At Airports

***Before Reading My blog of today, if there are people working in the airport industry or any of that sort, please do not take the following as offense, I am just stating my comments based on what I have observed in past travels. Thanks***

In my travel experiences when I would be at the airport after checking my baggage in, going to my gate to wait for my plane, I notice that the baggage handlers when watching my plane are so vicious with peoples belongings and they do not take care of peoples baggages in proper manner. People spend so much money on great quality baggages and you would think that when you check in your luggage, they would take extra care with your property, but it doesn’t seem so. I have seen peoples expensive lugggages ripped, damaged, and broken. Then they say that damage to your luggages are not the responsibility of the airline or airports. I believe that they are responsible for the way they handle luggages.

I know and I am completely sensitive and compassionate toward these workers and that its a difficult process and a difficult job to do with all the heavy carrying, and all the heavy luggages going into planes and I know that they are on a tight schedule to get peoples baggages in the planes so that people can get on their planes and fly to where ever the destination maybe, but they should always becareful with them. I know that they must go through so many procedures and rules as I knew someone who did that job and he kept telling me stories about it and I truly understand where they come from and what they do and I comply with them very much, but People spend all types of money to travel and get baggages and there is no respect or careful handling of peoples things. I have seen it many times at different airports.

For example, We had bought really great quality luggages before we took off for Cuba and it was our first time using those luggages and all of a sudden when we got to Cuba, there was gash, rip on the side, and we said oh no! On our way back to Canada, the luggage came back in even more worse condition. We were livid and now were just using that to store our clothes and stuff from the past for storage. So we have to go out and buy new ones all over again before our trips to Vegas and California. It was quite upsetting. They need to take more proper care. Its all there is to it.

It is really not entirely human error, but its also the conveyor belts they put the luggages on too, its also the way it goes into the wagons to go to the airplane, but again it all comes to caring for someones things. All I am saying is that they need to exercise more caution, but I give them applause for the hard work they do. Kudos to them.